Saturday, March 26, 2016

Walker's push to privatize Wisconsin land, water and air

On the issue of the people's land, air and water under Scott Walker:

While his 'chamber of commerce mentality' Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources is reviewing controversial proposals that would a) locate a precedent-setting 26,000-pig raising operation within smelling distance of Lake Superior and the City of Ashland's drinking water supply, and...

b) locate a high-end golf course on a bluff along Lake Michigan in a wetland and nature preserve...

The Wisconsin DNR must deny Kohler Company the use of  public State lands for their private profit. The role of the WDNR is to protect the environment...not work for developers.
and that is adjacent to and would even encroach into the popular Kohler Andrae State Park, and that also contains a Native American burial or effigy mound...

And in the face of new disclosures of sand mining pollution...

And groundwater contamination near concentrated animal farming operations...

Let's also go back to the record and assess this Walker claim:
Walker Contends He's Left Wisconsin's Environment Cleaner Than When He Found It


Ernest Martinson said...

Gov Walker does not have to push too hard to privatize Wisconsin’s land, water, and air. Land is lightly taxed allowing residual rent to be retained by the landlord. Water is underpriced to users throughout the state. Sometimes water is free as in the case of high capacity wells.
Other natural resources are also free to privateers. Severance taxes are applied neither to iron ore nor frac sand. The air itself serves as a free carbon sink for free riders due to the lack of a carbon tax.

Anonymous said...

But those who grifter Scott Walker bestows public assets to pay us back with toxic waste and now even fecal matter in our water. What's not to love about this?

The citizens of Wisconsin have, on three separate occassions now, voted not only to put this piece of crap in the Governor's mansion, but they've given him a mandate to put the same in our water!

Anonymous said...

These politicians, like all American politicians "...deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed," need to be removed before they are allowed to continue to abuse the rights of the people and nature this way for another week or month or year.

Sure the author of the Declaration of Independence (i.e., Jefferson) was an aged imperialist ("steal Cuba!), racist hypocrite ("human rights are enjoyed by all" -- except the descendants of Africans forced against their will into slavery)-- and he was the 3rd American president, by which I mean he was human, just like us.

Americans need to keep our ultimate strategy in focus: i.e., peace and justice -- regardless of the stench of total corruption we're smelling -- and exercise our right to withdraw consent to be governed by these people regardless of how often we've done it before.

And sure, voting machines = election fraud.
Denial of voting rights = election fraud
and corporations are not people, etc., etc.

Anonymous 7:27 AM: I gave DNR, DATCP, ultraright-wing republicans and Walker no "mandate" to do any of this corrupt stuff.

Anonymous said...

anon 11:49

You may not have specifically asked for fecal matter in your water, but the republicans overwhelmingly insist on it and, you know, majority rules -- even if secret proprietary technology counts your vote (actually, likely loses yours) and proclaims their is a mandate to put foul biological waste in your drinking water.

Some of us may object, but not Republicans. I imagine, just like the rest of the divisive extremist agenda, we will eventually get used to and maybe even decide we like to drink from a Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation manure lagoon.