Sunday, March 27, 2016

Why we know Walker's Ted Cruz endorsement is imminent

[Updated from Saturday, 3/26] Because there is no other explanation for Cruz to be saying he was "inspired" by something Walker did.

No one has ever used the word "inspired" in a sentence with the phrase "Scott Walker," so count on Walker to reward Cruz with the power of all 39% percentage points of the unintimidated Governor's recent polling and make Cruz's tall tale telling worth his while.

Update - - A reader reminds me there is another explanation:

Ted Cruz solicits donations to pay off Scott Walker's campaign debt


Jake formerly of the LP said...

If GOP spokespeople on AM radio are telling their sheep to vote for Cruz, "Hollow Man" Walker is sure to follow. Plus, Kasich called out Walker at a GOP forum last year, saying you can't govern by ideological poses and conflict. I bet Walker hasnt forgotten that, and the fact that Kasich has succeeded where Scotty failed is all the more reason Walker would try to get even.

The state GOP needs an ass-kicking at the polls. Time to give them one

Anonymous said...

Calling all voting Democrats!


Send a strong message to Wisconsin's governor and the Republican Party of Wisconsin.

Jake formerly of the LP said...

No. Dem primary is too close and too important to waste a vote on creating chaos in the GOP primary. As fun as that odea may be

Betsey said...

. . . unless Walker "inspires" voters to vote for the non-Walker, non-Cruz candidate . .