Monday, March 28, 2016

In Wisconsin, UGE outbreak of Trump Derangement Syndrome

[Updated] I'd noted last week that Milwaukee talk radio was leading the pro-Cruz, stop-Trump movement, and Monday's talkers really sounded panicked.

I missed it, but Charlie Sykes sparred with Trump, live.

Followed by Jeff Wagner on AM 620 WTM just after noon today, who labeled Trump "crazy."

And Wagner - - admittedly not a big fan of Cruz - - nevertheless labeled Trump supporters the equivalent of the "Mayhem" character who causes car crashes and injuries in those wacky Allstate Insurance TV commercials, and talked over the pro-Trump callers he asked to phone in and explain themselves.

Righty talkers have told their listeners lo these many years that The Enemy was Barack Obama, and before Barack, The Enemy was Bill Clinton.

GOP-leaning-and-leading conservative talk radio always needs an enemy to drive up listeners' blood pressure and amp up the ratings, so liberal leaders are the most logical and profitable targets, but now it seems that the world-ending problem du jour has been borne from incompetent GOP party leadership.

Which, through poor rule-making and other internal contradictions enabled a 2015-'16  candidate field so unappealing weak and inept - - Exhibit A, Jeb! Bush, Exhibit B, the failed insult comedian Marco Rubio, Exhibit C, the ever-mysterious Dr. Ben Carson, et al  -- that a megalomaniacal reality TV host, casino magnate and neophyte campaigner is both the GOP's front-runner and talk radio's new Public Enemy #1.

Because he was savvy enough to out-think-and-strategize them all, seize control of the conservative movement from the grassroots and, as the GOP establishment now sees it, jeopardize the survival of the known Republican Party.

It's the End of the Line for the GOP as We Know It
So with but only eight days until the now-pivotal, April 5th Wisconsin primary, GOP makers-and-shakers are counting on a Coalition of the Desperate to foil the Donald Trump they find repellent though he has captured the very Tea Party anger which the GOP fostered, feasted on and used tactically without shame for nearly a decade with:

*  An equally-and perhaps-even-more-repellent Ted Cruz - - he who would turn communities in The Land of the Free somehow defined as Muslim into occupied police states while also masquerading as the last best hope in 2016 of the Party of Lincoln.

*  A weakened, poorly-polling Scott Walker - - the Walker whose policies helped pave the way for Trump in Wisconsin - - and whose million-dollar+ presidential campaign debt Cruz volunteered to help retire

The Texas senator took to Twitter on Sunday to urge his followers to donate money to help retire Walker's lingering 2016 campaign debts"I stand with my friend @Scott Walker & hope you will too!" Cruz tweeted to his "#CruzCrew."
*  And speaking of big money - - millions of dollars in outside spending targeted against Trump which only reinforces his message, effective to date, that GOP fat cats care little for working people except as voters they can manipulate and deceive - - a claim reinforced in Wisconsin by so-called Walker and GOP establishment 'reforms' from Act 10 to a frozen, minimal minimum wage to right-to-work worker paycheck losses to higher entry fees at state parks and campgrounds on land and at waters which the people already own.

Bottom line:

The GOP is hoping to find enough voters in Wisconsin who can fill in a ballot for Ted Cruz while crossing their fingers behind their backs, holding their noses and not falling flat on their faces while hog-tying Donald Trump.

And while finally meeting the enemy, which as Pogo would have said:


Anonymous said...

The most hilarious part was Trump telling Jerry Bader that he thought talk show hosts would be impartial.

Anonymous said...

It is absolutely hilariously to listen to conservative talk radio these days.

Panic attack is a great verb phrase to describe the paranoiac psychotic rants in attempt to find warm bodies young enough to stand up and vote for Cruz.

Talk radio took down the conservative movement with the adoption of Right to Work and Prevailing wage modification.

It the people's turn.

"If not now, when?", I distinctly remember Weber saying.

Anonymous said...

Say what you want about Donald Trump -- but at least he isn't going to put poo from Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations in our water!

It is just too funny to watch the in-state republicans pretend to be on the high road when they literally want you to drink the manure lagoons from out-of-state corporate farms.

Bwah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Charlie -- raise your glass full of brown stinky water and let's toast the feces! And then tell me how awful Trump is.

Anonymous said...

So weird to see a Trump supporter on these pages. But good. Open discussion is good.

Jake formerly of the LP said...

Somebody gave an order down at the Bradley Foundation and WisGOP to get behind Cruz and go after Trump. It's telling that the Donald was so stupid that he walked into that trap, but it's also telling Sykes asked more legit questions of Trump than he's asked of Walker in 15 years.

Now might be a good time for others to ask why that might be. And if both Trump and the Dems play their cards right, it could implode hate radio 620/1130, since they could be exposed as propagandizing frauds merely repeating lines that they're being fed by big-money oligarchs. Which of course, they've always been, but casual dopes and Bubble dwellers have never made the connection to this point.

Anonymous said...

If Wisconsin wants a career politician who takes big donor money to use the middle class as an ATM, they'll vote Cruz or Kasich. If WI wants an outsider who'll take care of Vets, close the border, Stop undocumented Syrians entering the US, and implement fair trade practices to bring jobs back to the USA, WI will vote Trump.

Anonymous said...

Yesterday Wagner kept calling Trump s "sociopath" as well as "crazy". To bad that Sykes and Wagner can't discuss with facts but have to resort to their scripted name calling.