Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Having calmed the House, Ryan showcases himself as convention savior

The 'reluctant' House Speaker and former Veep candidate is clearly signaling that he's available to unlock a deadlocked GOP convention:
Ryan delivered his remarks as lawmakers left town for a two-week spring recess. He spoke in the lofty hearing room of the Ways and Means Committee, which he once chaired. 
It was the latest occasion since Ryan became speaker last October that he has summoned his party to unity, and delivered lofty pledges that the House of Representatives will be the vehicle for producing a bold governing vision for the GOP.
He might as well be buying TV spots and billboards to advertise his availability if the Cruzikins and Trumpkins deadlock the GOP convention and the reliable old consensus savior is needed, again.

The Fix, a Washington Post online posting, thinks Ryan is positioning himself for 2020 as the 'told you so' Cassandra, but who's to say Ryan and the GOP can wait that long?


Man MKE said...

Ryan on the House Speakership:
Please don't throw me in that briar patch.

Ryan on the GOP presidential nomination:
I'm not a candidate. That's C-A-N-D-I-D and D-A-T-E.

Boxer said...

He already drunk the $400 bottle of wine, what's he waiting for? A pair of glass slippers and a pumpkin coach?

Anonymous said...

He wants it so bad is practicing his presidential look in the mirror.

Anonymous said...

Agree with all of the above...just "playing hard to get"!
What an actor!!

Anonymous said...

Lyin' Ryan -- the media will flush his immense track record for being a socio-pathic liar down the memory-hole toilet. Remember, this is the same moron that the media annointed a "Policy Wond" and "Numbers Guy" in 2011 -- a tell that he was going to play a major role in 2012 cycle.

Everything you need to know about Paul Ryan is at the short video links below (each less than 5 min):

Paul Ryan Hearts Ayn Rand

Paul Ryan's Un-Christian Budget

So now the media wants us to believe that a man that this man is going to be a hero to and advocate for the working class and economically disadvantaged?!?!?!?!

LOL -- some powerful propaganda -- either Mitt Romney steps off the stage to grab a brokered convention or Ryan does. If Ryan is not the "chosen one" this charade is meant to rebrand Mitt Romney who will eventually come out with the same lies.

The media echo-chamber in Wisconsin created our divider-in-chief. On a national level, they anointing Hillary Clinton and will set up a Republican that can falsely run to the left of her. No matter who wins, the austerity-for-you-and-me and tax cuts & giveaways that exceed avarice for billionaires and multi-national corporate interests will prevail.

KKKarl Rove is, currently, quietly behind Clinton because hijacking the White House for her ensures the military-industrial-complex is taken care of while she sets the social safety net back generations.

Do not believe a single word she says -- like Mitt Romney & Paul Ryan, she is a sociopathic liar. The game is rigged.

Anonymous said...

And now Trump announced he's holding a rally in JANESVILLE. How many buses are being planned to show up?