Wednesday, January 9, 2013

WI Legislators Exempted Themselves From Revolving Door Lobbying, So...

Welcome to the ranks, former Assembly Leader Jeff Fitzgerald. It's a big pie.

All other state employees have to wait a year before they can lobby, says the GAB:

Former State Public Officials (other than a legislator or legislative employee)
  • Accept anything of pecuniary value from a lobbyist or from a lobbyist's employee
  • Communicate with former agency as a paid representative for 12 months after leaving public office
  • Communicate with any agency as a paid representative for 12 months on matters for which formerly responsible
  • Represent any person other than the state in connection with any proceeding, application, contract, claim, or charge in which the individual was personally and substantially involved as a state public official

1 comment:

Sue said...

What a surprise.
Is it true his first client is an out-of-state company known for its lack of people skills concerning ordinary non-influential citizens?