Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Walker Undermines Mining Jobs With Jobs' Overstatement

Hat tip to Rebecca Kemble for pointing out this flaming pants sleight-of-hand:

Last week Walker toured several manufacturing plants in the eastern part of the state to rally the troops behind the bill in the name of job creation. Even though officials from the Gogebic Taconite mining company that has expressed an interest in mining the Penokee Range on the shores of Lake Superior has claimed that 700 jobs would be created by the project, Walker greatly exaggerated that number last week.

“About 3,000 direct and 2,800 permanent jobs that would either be on site, or at businesses like this all across the state of Wisconsin,” he said while touring a Valley Plating and Fabricating in Green Bay.


zombie rotten mcdonald said...

Eagle Scout.

Probably claims to be a Christian too.

Sue said...

Has anyone asked any of these fine folks how many of those 'direct' jobs will be available to Wisconsin residents?
Besides the fact that Walker has been known to outsource jobs to companies that then bring in people from out of state, how committed to hiring and then training Wisconsin residents is the mining company? Have they said?