Thursday, January 10, 2013

WI Assembly To Require Ties, Jackets. Guns OK, Too

The Wisconsin State Assembly is moving towards a dress code for members AND citizen-observers.

Remember, this is the legislative house where hats, hand-held signs and cameras are verboten in the galleries.

But concealed weapons, like Waukesha GOP Assemblyman Bill Kramer's Glock 26 are fine  - - on the floor.

And in the Assembly gallery, too, media report:

Republican leaders in the Senate and Assembly said Thursday they plan to allow weapons on the floor of both houses and in committee meetings. Spectators would be allowed to carry weapons into the Assembly gallery but not the Senate gallery.


Anonymous said...

This makes no sense. I thought the more guns out there, the safer we all are?

Jonathan Swift said...

Just like more raw sewage dumped into Lake Michigan improves water quality.

Remember the 60's spy movies and guns disguised as cameras? Now we need cameras disguised as guns.

Who voted for these idiots?