Thursday, January 10, 2013

Hope Walker Doesn't Work His Executive Magic On Job Training

I predict he will not propose a Wisconsin Economic Development Training Corporation.

Or promise 250,000 new state-trained trainees.


Tess said...

Yes, having WEDC, the people who literally lost millions of dollars of tax payer monies take over the Dept of Workforce there's a plan.
There is no skills shortage..what there is is a pay shortage for what companies want to pay high skilled workers. And since when are the taxpayers responsible for training the "Job Creators" employees? Isn't that a part of doing business? Please Scott Walker...leave it alone. You've screwed up enough in this state.
God, please indict this idiot soon!!!

Anonymous said...

Guess this blog doesn't allow the truth to be stated:

DWD is a wasteful disgrace that has done nothing but enable the creation of quasi-government agencies like WEDC.

When our public servants fail us and will not take responsibility for making government work, we get "divide and conquer" politicians like Walker.

I'd rather fix problems in government so we have some fiscal integrity to actually solve other economic challenges and inquities.

Evidently, Political Environment stands for the same false dichotomies and journalistic slight-of-hand as those you decry.

No one should CARE if Walker gives DWD money to WEDC because DWD is wasting it and spending it foolishly anyhow -- those responsible for failed government programs are culpable in walker's "divide and conquer".

Those that mindlessly support bad and wasteful programs in government are part of the problem -- we could be talking about how to make government WORK.

But, evidently, that is not allowed here -- shameful.