Thursday, February 21, 2019

Walker did nothing to face dairy crisis - - except worsen it

When you read these heart-breaking stories about Wisconsin's disappearing dairy farms
and some owners' suicides, you have to remember that Walker added to the crisis by boosting milk overproduction with state funds which only helped the bigger dairies and corporate trade groups he was cozy with.

Bottom line:

Add red ink to brown water and campaign green to color in Walker's rural legacy.


Jake formerly of the LP said...

What do you mean Walker did nothing? He told us to eat more cheese! Doesn't that count?

Anonymous said...

I also get very tired of "big dairy" using product logos and indicia representing themselves or their products that use pictures of the small family farms with a quaint red barn, small fields and small farm equipment. They are too scared to show it like it really is because they couldn't lull the consumers, media and politicians with their propaganda.