Thursday, June 28, 2018

Why WI AG Schimel can't probe devolving Foxconn deal

Your head may be spinning over the news today that Foxconn won't - - at least initially, whatever that truly means - - build out the giant plant it and Walker have been hyper-ventilating about for a year.

Which is about how long ago I said the numbers being thrown around about the project needed to be investigated.
Every Wisconsin legislator and local official sworn to protecting honest and open government, environmental law and taxpayer money absolutely should slow down the Foxconn deal until they know know they are getting a straight story, forthcoming advice, accurate data and unfiltered facts.
So the spinning about the plant I'd noted eleven months ago by our super-partisan GOP Attorney General rules him out as the official to begin asking who knew what, and when, about this potentially multi-billion-dollar flip:
  Jul 27
Workers succeed and the economy thrives when we value individual freedom and opportunity above over-regulation and big government.


jchuckjohns said...

If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Anonymous said...

I expected a bait and switch and we now see it. So once they build "whatever" they can come back for more and more money with a tenuous promise of more jobs. Maybe an editorial cartoon could show the Wauwatosa Whiff with egg dripping from his face while he has campaign cash from foreign interests falling out of his back pockets.