Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Walker's silence on family separation policy explained

His staying mum on southern border forced child-parent separation avoided follow-up possible separation - - from Trump's $100,000 donors.
Trump's coming for Foxconn, Republicans and a $100,000 premium-ticket GOP fundraiser. 
Trump has a round of these huge-ticket events lined up.

There was even a David Clarke sighting at a big-dollar American First Action PAC bash last night at Trump's DC hotel, though the reference was less-than flattering because Clarke was mentioned among high-paid consultants who "grumbled about"... 
excessive payments to consultants, according to two people involved in the discussions.
America First Action has made hefty payments to consultants with close ties to Mr. Trump, including $184,000 to the firm owned by Brad Parscale...
America First Action also paid more than $69,000 to a firm owned by David A. Clarke Jr., the former sheriff of Milwaukee County. On Tuesday, he roamed the hotel lobby, dressed in a white cowboy hat.


Anonymous said...

Have no fear, Walker-backer -- jsonline is proclaiming he is winning. That bogus marquette law guy, you know, the one that had to get out of public institutions so his sham polling would not be subject to open records requests, is proclaiming the race is over and Walker has won. Fold up your tents, dem, go home. Milwaukee Journal Sentinel said it is so.

Anonymous said...

The governor's silence on this is so cynical. He and Tonette toured the state promoting Trauma-informed care and Tonette has made it her issue as first lady. The governor's website has many entries devoted to preventing and treating childhood trauma. The press covered their appearances extensively this spring - just last month.

Politics come before anything for the Walker's. Both Walker's because Tonette made no statement on this. These people are just hypocrites and I wish the press would call them out on this.