Saturday, June 16, 2018

Advocates to hold groundwater session 6/21 at WI's CAFO ground-zero

Four things to note about Kewaunee County, WI, other than its new, pro-conservation State Senator is about to be sworn in:

*  Kewaunee County, in the northeastern part of the state and bordering Lake Michigan south of Green Bay, has so many dairy-related concentrated animal feeding operations, (CAFOs) which can pollute the groundwater that the DNR will supply bottled water to people who believe their wells have runoff contamination

So goodbye 'brown water events' downstream - - or at the kitchen tap - -

Manure runoff in Kewaunee County

- - and Flint, Michigan, Hello!

*  Fecal contamination in Kewaunee County is rampant and documented, yet the DNR continues to green-light CAFO expansion there. While offering outdated information on its website about the rapid expansion of CAFOs statewide. 

After all, Walker intends to move CAFO 'regulation,' such as it is, from the DNR to the friendly confines of the dairy marketers over at the state ag department, so why update the DNR's data if state ag is about to take over?

*  Important litigation that could rein in one large Kewaunee County CAFO is headed for an appeals court chosen by GOP Attorney General Brad Schimel to better serve Corporate Wisconsin. 

His move is but one of many by GOP politicians and agencies they control which continually put Corporate Wisconsin and industry's demands above the public's rights to clean water, fresh air and unspoiled open space.

And, yes, you can add the severely, self-inflicted-conflicted State Supreme Court to the list of Wisconsin agencies where big business has an out-sized, campaign-donation presence. Which makes the April, 2019 race to fill a vacancy being created by the planned retirement of long-serving liberal Justice Shirley Abrahamson so important - - but later for that.

* So - - Midwest Environmental Advocates, (MEA), the public interest law firm long involved in the fight in Wisconsin for cleaner water and government in the public interest will hold an information meeting about water issues in Kewaunee County on Thursday, June 12. Details here.
JUNE 21, 2018 
Clean Drinking Water Advocacy in Kewaunee County
MEA Staff Attorney Sarah Geers will present the latest information about groundwater quality in Kewaunee County and the Department of Natural Resources’ response. 
This will be a simple and practical discussion of drinking water contamination with time to answer your questions. We’ll leave you with information about well testing and what you can do to advocate for clean drinking water in your community.
6:30 pm - 7:30 pm 
Algoma High School, Little Theatre 
1715 Division Street, Algoma, WI 54201


Anonymous said...

Please join me in challenging Gov. Scott Walker, all his republican peers, and embedded assets at DNR to drunk a nice cold glass of the brown manure-infested water on camera.

Anonymous said...

Interesting press release here from the Central part of the state: