Monday, June 11, 2018

When Walker laid groundwork for his 29th-term run

Though he would be more that 150 years old, Wisconsin GOP Gov. Scott Walker expects to be sworn in on January, 2122 after running for the office 30 times.

It is believed he laid the groundwork for doing nothing else with his political career when he admitted way back in June, 2018 to no one's surprise that he might back out of his pledge to make a third term his last.

Aides have long said he'd keep running until data indicate the 250,000 new jobs Walker he'd promised to create in 2010 are finally documented.

Historians recall that Walker had done a similar about-face on the eve of 2014 election when he had said he intended to serve out a full, second term if he won, but then quickly announced an ill-fated Presidential run.

Early 21st century file photo, below.

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Minnesconsin Tom said...

You’re exaggerating for comedic effect, but you’re not that far off the mark. If Scott Walker wins a third term, I fully expect him to run for a fourth...and a fifth...etc.

In all seriousness, as long as he can keep convincing 52% of Wisconsinites to vote for him, I can genuinely see him living in the Governor’s Mansion for the rest of his natural life. All the while, nursing his presidential pipe dream.

Please folks. Let’s nip this whole thing in the bud in November.