Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Two WI communities to lose a combined 220 jobs, but...

Wisconsin Republicans are already working on a safety net for 220 employees at two businesses being closed in Madison and Janesville.

The Foxconn factory in Mount Pleasant!

Only a 200-mile round-trip there by car - - 
Cabbage growing on the Foxconn site, 2017
- - from Madison, and a shorter 120-mile turn-around to and from Janesville, if - - and it's a big if with a challenge, Foxconn gets the Lake Michigan water the City of Racine wants to send the company as if Foxconn were a 'residential' customer.

Inquiries about Amtrak service from Madison, or regional transit from either city to the greater Racine area can be directed to principal Amtrak foe Scott Walker or to Assembly Speaker and lead legislative transit opponent Robin Vos.

Yes, the Foxconn plant is to be built in Vos' district; perhaps he can find some way through that contradiction in the works of Winston Churchill which these days have Vos' fuller attention. 

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Anonymous said...

Why doesn't scotty write a check for $444 milion to keep the jobs here (220 x 200,000 the cost per job being reported for Foxconn).

Never fear, the Bliss media empire in Janesville (radio and newspaper) will tell the community that they were crappy crappy jobs that weren't needed anyow.

And while it was nice to see a report at MJS about this, they are still flushing walker's failed 250,000 job promise in first-term down the memory hole. He won't have this even after 2 terms and may not have it even if the Foxconn jobs materialize.

No wonder the mighty wurlitzer proclaimed pro-baby & children prison scotty an "education governor" as there is nothing better for schools than taking children away from families (or so Walker and his media minions would like us to believe). That's some pretty good distractin' too.

Oh -- and then theres the 1 billion he left on the table instead of increasing access to health care...