Thursday, June 28, 2018

Ground broken for a down-sized Foxconn plant

[An updated post]  Denied earlier, but more-widely confirmed today, so send in the clowns because the ground-breaking for Foxconn which took place Thursday following the GOP's big fundraiser at the Pfister Hotel
is for a smaller, less-costly-factory. 
While two economic-impact analyses prepared last year and the state’s contract with Foxconn say the company will build a type of factory that carves display panels out of immense sheets of wafer-thin glass, Foxconn now says it first will erect a plant that uses much smaller sheets of glass. 
Such factories typically are much smaller and less-expensive than the sort of plant Foxconn originally planned, industry observers say. 
Suckers, punched, though many will gush along with Walker and Trump over the big trucks and other shiny objects moving now-not-so-much dirt around.

Proving that you can’t sell a Rube Goldberg machine unless you’ve got a rube on your line.

Update: There were protests: 
About 200 protesters assembled...before the groundbreaking to decry Walker’s giveaways to Foxconn and to air grievances about the project...
Protesters, including activists affiliated with NextGen WisconsinGaia Coalition Network, and One Wisconsin Now, planned continued demonstrating throughout the afternoon. They voiced objections to the massive amount of taxpayer dollars promised to Foxconn, the environmental dangers posed by the plant, and the forced relocation of long-time residents in the area who had to sell their homes to make way for the project.
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Props to BizTimes for initially confirming the story and to the Journal Sentinel for giving it a ride today. 

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Chris said...

Why is Paul Ryan so far out of frame on the various photos of this event? His body language seems to say 'I wish I was anywhere but here!'