Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Walker hails partial federal Foxconn roadwork bailout

Walker found some federal stimulus money he likes even if he only got about 60% of what he hoped Big Daddy would deliver: 
Wisconsin will receive $160 million in federal funds for a massive upgrade of I-94 south of Milwaukee that state officials see as a critical element in the planned development of Foxconn Technology Group in Racine County. 
The funding, however, falls substantially short of the state's request of $246.2 million. 
If Trump offers, fine. When Obama offered it - - for Amtrak, broadband expansion or Medicaid coverage - - no way. Because Federal funding's bad.

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Anonymous said...

Speaking of Walker's campaign stunts -- and that is what I believe this thoughtful post is about -- did you see that Shopko held a Scott Walker lovefest in Sussex?

He not only was given the Childrens Sporting Good Department as a stage, complete with microphone & employee audience; but a "plant" shouted out "what if you have 10 children" when he announced the $100-per-child bribe.

This allowed his media stenographers to include in the write-ups this "big and bold" (tm) reply: "That would be $1,000!"

I called Shopko when I saw the write-up in Urban Milwaukee (which has recently featured your work, Mr. Rowen, hat-tip).

The run-around I got would be a story on its own -- I will spare you the verbage. No one wanted to take responsibility for this, but eventually I got a call a few hours later.

Unbelievably, this woman tried to con me into accepting that:

1. This was not political
2. Shopko would never do anything political
3. Shopko was merely trying to educate people about the tax refunds available and then Walker's tax holiday (another dishonest stunt, but that's another story)

I knew that I would never get anywhere with pro-Walker Shopko, but wanted to hear how they justified this. I told this woman in no uncertain terms:

1. If I want to support right-wing highly-partisan retailers, I can just go to Walmart and buy anything Shopko carries and save a boatload of money this year.

2. I would no longer shop at Shopko, because I would not support in-store propaganda at a retailer that charges me higher prices for the privilege of shopping there and supporting their politics.

3. It is reasonable to assume that Shopko was not only promoting Scott Walker directly, but they were doing so hoping they would get a cut of the bogus $100 refund.

4. The fact I had to listen to the disingenuous and dishonest explanation from Shopko made the stunt even more offensive.

I understand that progressive-types don't support boycotts anymore -- but I do wish more people would think about where they are spending their money and how some businesses use your hard-earned cash to promote an extreme-right agenda that destroys your ability to earn higher wages and find meaningful competition when you are making purchases.

For example, to this day I will not buy Johnsonville products. Milwaukee's Klements are better wursts anyhow (though I do not know anything about their new owners when they were sold a few years ago).