Tuesday, June 12, 2018

WI Dems win special senate race covering Kewaunee, Door counties

No wonder Walker didn't want this scheduled: much of NE Wisconsin just said  "no" to moving wildly-far right GOP State Rep. Andre Jacque to the State Senate:
Democrat Frostman wins state Senate special election
Note how important clean water, groundwater access and CAFO expansion has been in that area.

Statement from Wisconsin League of Conservation Voters says it best tonight:

GREEN BAY – Voters in the special election in Senate District 1 chose a conservation champion to represent them at the capitol today.

Executive Director Kerry Schumann had this to say of the victory:

“Caleb Frostman will be a conservation champion for his constituents. Voters in Senate District 1 sent a clear message tonight that clean water, abundant natural resources, and public health are priorities for every Wisconsinite. Caleb Frostman is about solutions. 

He will work to ensure we can hunt, fish, hike, and camp in a beautiful Wisconsin. He will fight for safe drinking water in the communities he represents. Congratulations to Caleb Frostman on his excellent campaign and his well-deserved win.

This election was all about clean drinking water. Wisconsin League of Conservation Voters is proud to have helped tell that story through television, radio, a robust phone campaign, and extensive door-to-door canvassing.  

This election almost didn’t happen. Gov. Scott Walker was frightened by who might win and he tried to skirt the law. Wisconsin is brimming with people tired of their state being abused by corporate polluters who keep Walker in power. In November, the same folks who elected Caleb Frostman will know what to do.” 
Image of Caleb Frostman 

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