Friday, June 1, 2018

Scott Pruitt one-ups doppelgänger Brad Schimel

I'd noted the pro-pollution connections between US EPA administrator Scott Pruitt and his special-interest enabling twin, Wisconsin AG Brad Schimel, here.

And I'd written about these Republican leaders' troubling shared penchant for buying personalized, souvenir hand-out coins with taxpayer dollars.

Though from a collector's perspective, it probably makes more sense to chase after, say, a Schimel first-issue coin than the Inverted Jenny stamp or a Honus Wagner tobacco baseball card. 

But now Schimel has been now one-upped by Pruitt's purchase, again, with public funds, of a dozen custom silver pens at $1,560 each. And some other stuff which altogether took $3,000 away from actual swamp-draining work.
Scott Pruitt official portrait.jpg
 EPA administrator and fancy fountain pen fancier Scott Pruitt
Schimel's coins carried his "Kicking Ass Every Day" motto, shortened to K.A.E.D., but is he going to let Pruitt just run away with the Tone-Deaf Spending Sweepstakes?

A solution: Schimel could spend another $10,000 on a second run of coins, but change K.A.E.D to "Kicking Taxpayers' Asses Every Day" - - K.T.A.E.D - - or add a third issue with "Kicking The Environment's Ass Every Day" - - K.T.E.A.E.D.

Could Schimel Scrabble be far behind?

Your move, E.P.A.A.S.P.

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