Monday, June 4, 2018

Walker rips Evers' curse. Does Walker condemn Trump's more frequent obscenities?

Walker sniped at Tony Evers for using a curse word.

So I'm waiting for Walker, who endorsed Trump at the 2016 RNC convention, and continually excuses and enables him, to release the shaming letters or texts he sent to Trump for his public curses.

Which include introducing the notion of 'shithole' countries.

And using the 'c-word.'

And the 'f-word.'


To his crowds' delight.

Or over the gear worn at Trump rallies.

And if there are no Walker complaints to Trump, I call b.s.


Anonymous said...

OK -- your points are valid. But let's not give Tony Evers a free pass on being incredibly stooopid. So what kind of politician, in a critical election, would say "goddamn" when referring to his/her opponent.

And before we all get behind Tony Evers, who admittedly does have more name-recognition than anyone else in the field, let's acknowledge the fact that under his stewardship, Wisconsin continues to underserve non-majority students more than any other in America

I could go into more-detail as I personally have first-hand knowledge of what happens when you try to do your civic or professional duty and file complaints over racial discrimination in public schools with Ever's Department of Public Instruction -- absolutely nothing!

Yes -- I 100% agree that, in many ways, Walker and the "new" tRump republican party are more offensive than what Tony Evers said. But Tony Evers has demonstrated that he does not have the good-judgement that will be necessary to defeat Walker.

And when you look at what he has achieved as Superintendent of Public Instruction, there is little-or-nothing to showcase. Other candidates may not have the name recogniztion that Evers has been able to cultivate over they years, but once a candidate is selected, the election process will give that nominee plenty of time to get their name out and earn the respect of voters.

Tony, any way you dice it, made a boneheaded and unforced error that should end his front-runner status.

Anonymous said...

Lol. The above must have been posted by one of the nine other candidates. A lot of what DPI can do is tied to voucher money, laws passed by Walker's legislature, Walker's cuts to the education budget, local school district administrators, and local school boards. If you have first-hand knowledge of lack of response to complaints of racism by DPI, why not tell your story here? If your story is true, it, rather than a superficial tweet by Walker would be the thing that takes Evers down.

I like the campaign Evers has been running and am supporting him because I believe that he has done as much as possible to preserve what he can of what was once a great public school system.

Anonymous said...

Anon 5:03 -- no, not a voucher fan at all. You can support Evers. Professional educators that have to deal with the mess called "My Learning Plan" may have other opinions. Also -- the Wisconsin NAACP has never been able to get anything but lip-service.

There is a problem in Wisconsin schools and it does not good to blame people, but it also does no good to have sham "blue ribbon" task forces and then bury the problem again. But my main point, you won't touch...

How can a serious candidate use a term in his public opportunity before the party to utter a term that can reasonably be considered blasphemous by people be the dems or repugs?

Why not tell my story here?

Because, while I can tell stories from the past, like Tony Evers' top lawyer repeatedly falsely proclaiming there is no data about student test-scores across different groups of students. More recently, I am aware of a current investigation and before stating anything publicly, it will be fair to let the state people show that they take it serious before it goes to OCR.

Again, you fail to address the key point -- by any measure and many sources, Wisconsin is an awful place to raise African American children. Is that what progressives stand for?

Why don't you ask your man Evers to explain what he is trying to do about this -- I know, and that is why I posted above.

~peace, but please be informed before you falsely attach others with little-or-no information.

Anonymous said...

By my own guesstimate, about 45% of voters will vote for Walker no matter what he does or says. These voters would give up their first born before they would not vote for him. About 45% despise Walker because they do not want to give the dirt bag another minute in office. That leaves at the most 10% or less who will change their mind. Evers' comment will gain zero votes but may actually lose a few. We can not afford to lose a single voter Tony, so clean up your act. You are not Scooter or Donald, so you need to take the high road every single time.

One of my kids, who was Valedictorian of her class, has moved out of Wisconsin never to return, because of the Walker regime. Another one is soon to follow. If Walker is given another 4 years I will more than likely move out. We can no longer deal with the animosity and hatred the scoundrel has created. Is their bitterness towards Walker? There sure is and he created it by plan. We need to show our anger and disgust, but as i tell my high school students, as soon as you drop profanity, nothing you say afterwards is heard.

Anonymous said...

"How can a serious candidate use a term in his public opportunity before the party to utter a term that can reasonably be considered blasphemous by people be the dems or repugs?"

Okay, I will address it. I was disappointed when I read what he said. I am always disappointed when public figures use profanity. But looking at the entire picture, profanity is a small thing compared to what Walker and his GOP have done to the state and to public education.

"My Learning Plan" was mandated by the Feds. DPI had to find a way to get something approved so that the state could continue to get federal money. Many of the stupid things our state government has to do are mandated by some federal program supported by both parties so they can show "accountability" to their donors.

"The NAACP getting nothing but lip service." I will take your word for it. I have no reason to doubt that. I agree on the Blue Ribbon Task force but that was Walker, not Evers. I do remember the test score data denial. I am not a big believer in test scores being a reflection of knowledge - especially for little kids. I don't know why they didn't release it sooner.

As for WI being a terrible place to raise African American Children, again, I will take your word for it and I realize it is backed up by statistics. But local school administrators and lack of funding may also play a role in how teachers are trained to address the issue of racism in the classroom.

My question for you is who are you supporting? I am open to another candidate. Tell who you support and why. I am not that hard to convince at this point. I will push back if I think the candidate lacks a commitment to public education.

Anonymous said...

Does Gov Walker realize that lying is a bad as swearing?