Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Walker bobs, weaves and bows before the Tariff King

Faced with the embarrassing announcement Monday that Trump's tariffs will reduce work at Harley-Davidson US plants
though Trump will arrive in Wisconsin for Walker-boosting Foxconn photo ops and major GOP fundraising in two days, our Governor responded with some nonsensical, nonresponsive but distracting word-salad:
 "The ultimate goal if we can get there would be no tariffs or if anything few tariffs on anything," Walker told reporters at a stop at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. 
 "Because it’s not just the tariffs the present administration has brought up, it’s tariffs for years. … That’s what I’m going to push for. If we can get to a level playing field, then we don’t have this tit for tat on any number of products out there.”
It's as if you came home from school having been beaten by the principal. And you say, 'Dad, the principal gave me a beating for no reason. What are you going to do about it.'

Dad is busy making ham and cheese sandwiches for tomorrow's brown bag lunch, but says, 'the ultimate goal is there will no more beatings, or if anything, maybe only a few. That's what I'm going to do push for.'

And you say, 'But I didn't tilt the playing field. I didn't do anything! You told us since the principal was hired last year that he was our friend. I got beaten. What are you going to do about it?'

And he says, 'I'm going to suck up to him, invite him over to dinner, then show him the town. That's what being Midwest Nice is all about.'

Dad then opens up his laptop and begins uploading pictures of half-eaten frozen custard cups and a bag of fries to Twitter and Facebook. 'And when you go back to school, don't you dare bring up those other kids he's got locked in the basement. I've got zero tolerance for that kind of tit for tat.'


Anonymous said...

Not that I have any sympathy for farmers, but:

Josh Goeser is one of the reasons why Wisconsin is 'America's Dairyland'. He's a fourth generation dairy farmer with more than 2,200 cattle. He's worried about how much new tariffs could affect their bottom line.

"We're a little nervous because of how it's going to impact us," Goeser said. "Milk price and feed price and overall quality of everything we produce."

Goeser Dairy is one of the largest producers for Sartori Company which was featured in the New York Times Sunday about how Wisconsin cheese makers could get shut out of foreign markets. Sartori's president Jeff Schwager said if that happens, quote, "I could see us getting to the point where we're dumping our milk in the fields."

"That's pretty scary because .... are we going to get paid for it or how bad is it going to affect us?" said Goeser. "And how many tanks are we going to have to dump ourselves?"


I know this will sound harsh, but given the mess this country is in, I'd be happy if all the mega CAFOs were overextended and when bankrupt. If that took the little guys out of the industry, I wouldn't care either -- they voted for this.

Anonymous said...

Every time the fool speaks, one simple question comes to mind: How on earth did this guy ever get elected to anything? He is a simpleton. He can not speak in coherent sentences. If he does, it is a lie. It is not even possible to understand how he beat Neumann in the governor primary. Whatever thought he was trying to pass on, was obviously not his because he could not even put it into words. He is an imbecile.

Why would anyone outside of Diane Hendicks and John Menard vote for the fool?

The real question is, will any of the state media ask him to explain what in the heck he said? The answer is no.

Anonymous said...

This post is funny. Ham and cheese sandwiches..ha! By the by, Harley Davidson employees don't blame Trump according to NPR. They blame the company. It is kind of a toss up on who to blame I guess but wouldn't it be better to have jobs?