Friday, June 22, 2018

And if, or when, now-caged children are further harmed or disappear?

There have already been under-reported deaths associated with Trump's zero-tolerance humanity immigration policies.
A suicide in jail and a murder in Mexico: family separation and deportations have a body count.
And since there could be consequences worse for some of the more than 2,000 displaced immigrant kids than the trauma already being inflicted on them, we ask now:

Is that what it will take to move Trump off the 'wash-my-hands-of-this-waste-of-time attitude towards what he set in motion?

Or to get the First Lady to prove she cares?

Or to get a one-dimensional-career-first-Wisconsin Republican Governor Scott Walker to respond on a human level about what is happening in our name, with our money, and supported by a National Guard deployment of his creation?

Separated family members detained in cages
Detained children lying on matresses within a caged area

Photos provided by Custom and Border Protection to reporter on tour of Ursala detention facility in McAllen, Texas. Reporters were not allowed to take their own photos.

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Anonymous said...

No worries. Scott Walker is fine with this and so is the one-party republican state. We can talk about morality and what baby jesus would do, but republicans like scott walker now claim to have direct conversations with god.

Who are we to question god?

Walker will be re-elected in 2018, because the media echo-chamber across Wisconsin will see to it that nothing truthful about the economic consequences of his decisions is part of the dialog. In fact, jsonline had an interesting, though subtle piece of propaganda.

The economy in our state is really leaving workers behind and the middle class is disappearing. This means small business close and the large corporate interest that can afford to weather this out just readjust their business plans to be profitable without a middle class while their competitors go out of business. This includes anything but large corporate farms and CAFOs.

This also destroys many community events -- so jsonline is now featuring an aricle about how music festivals across the state are failing. This is an objective fact, but the misleading stories never mention that, increasingly, people cannot afford to do these events. Money is too tight and people are working more hours to make ends meet.

jsonline wants you to believe it is because of some inherent change in how we listen to music -- they have no evidence for this. They do have boatloads of evidence that working families cannot even afford most rental units and the cost of supporting these events comes out of budgets that may barely cover food, shelter, and transportation.

Sometimes the major media propaganda is in-your-face. Other times, it is subtle -- but it is always pro-Walker. But back to your original point -- you are telling important truths here, but the media across Wisconsin has moved on from the briefest mention of "inconvenient" object facts and is now back to catapulting the disinformation.