Monday, June 25, 2018

Noting flooding history, Sun-Times bemoans Foxconn paving, 'planning'

The folks across the border and downriver from thousands of flood-absorbing land about to be Foxconn-paved are rightly worried
Wisconsin is about to send a lot more stormwater downstream to a corner of Illinois that is already struggling to control flooding...
At a time when climate change is expected to bring more frequent and stronger storms, foresighted officials around the country are finding ways to intercept stormwater and let it soak into the ground or evaporate instead of gushing into the nearest river. They’re building rain gardens, water-absorbing planters, tree trenches, porous pavement, swales, green roofs and subsurface storage projects.
That’s what should be happening on the Foxconn site. 
If I may quote Madison Mayor and current gubernatorial candidate Paul Soglin on this and other Scott Walker environmental, legal, social and financial missteps
"He just doesn't care."
A complete Foxconn archive, including posts about the clean air and water pollution the Foxconn project will release in and over Wisconsin and Illinois is here.

And a history of flooding related to climate change documentation Walker persistent ignores is here.


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