Thursday, June 14, 2018

Twitter memorializes the real SKW

This blog has noted Walker's weird penchant for twitter-photographing his half eaten meals, so hat tip, Jesse Opoien, for this latest grab-the-Tums picture:

  1. Scott Walker had fries tonight.


Anonymous said...

That is a truly disgusting picture. The only thing that could have made it worse is if the picture was of Walker eating this.

Minnesconsin Tom said...

Is there any proof that Scott Walker actually eats this stuff? Or even that he’s taking the pictures?

Think about it. If he has truly consumed all the artery-clogging junk that has ever hit his Twitter feed...including his ever-famous double dose of ham and cheese every day for 25 years...he’d have had a coronary bypass by now. Sure, I saw a photo of him stuffing a Philly cheesesteak in his mouth during his brief presidential run, but he REALLY wanted to be President.

I have always suspected that these photos are nothing more than a career politician’s lame attempts to “connect” with who he sees as the typical Wisconsin voter.

While we’re on the subject, raise your hand if you think Walker really goes hunting. Or fishing. Or rides that Harley for anything other than campaign tours.

Jake formerly of the LP said...

Well stated. 90% of this is probably stock,photos that Walker uses to trick the rubes into thinking his Niedermeyer self resembles a normal himan being. Notice that he is almost never in these "food pics".

He tried the same thing with some emoji-ed "Go Brewers" post despite the fact that Cub owner Tom Ricketts gave him $5 mil for his campaign. Truly pathetic.

James said it best, he is truly a hollow man woth no real soul.

Anonymous said...

Walker is a hollow man w/o soul, but he has always been pumped-up with propaganda. And die propaganda (yes, german term, evidently we get the word from them) was mostly delivered by a private company that destroyed its business -- fall on its figurative sword -- for Scott Walker.

The chief print propagandist still writes endless pro-Walker tripe at Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. Charlie Sykes, the chief propagandist at WTMJ-AM, is now hypocritically on an anti-troup world-tour. I do not think he has actually shown any remorse for fraudulently puffing-up Scott Walker or the rest of the so-called "Wisconsin Mafia". I don't know who the right-wing hacks at WTMJ-AM are now, but do know that Mark Belling on WISN was ready to take Charlie Syke's place.

Speculation as to whether or not the food pics are entirely dishonest propaganda is interesting. But even if-so, this stunt pales by comparision the thr propaganda that blankets Wisconsin via our right-wing media oligopoly.

Please let this sink in: With hindsight, we can objectively demonstrate that key corporate interests use their media assets to further the careers of partisan extremists like Scott Walker and Donald Trump and they will do so even if they lose boatloads of money doing it.