Saturday, June 23, 2018

Grassroots groups will rally vs. 6/28 Foxconn ground-breaking

Dozens of groups will rally in Mount Pleasant on June 28th to protest the Foxconn ground-breaking at which President Trump, Gov. Walker and other officials are set to attend, organizers say.
...the Gaia Coalition Network, made up of nearly 40 organizations, is planning a mass-demonstration called, "Operation: Shake the Ground!" to voice their objections to a perceived misuse of public funds, to seizing the property rights of landowners and homeowners, to siphoning off water from Lake Michigan as well as posing other environmental threats, and to granting contracts to some of Walker's biggest donors.
Note also that the grassroots group "A Better Mount Pleasant" continues its activism

Trump's schedule apparently includes a high-end GOP fundraiser in the area.

I will add this post to my 11-month old Foxconn archive which now has nearly 200 items, most with multiple links to other items, documents and information.
Thousands of acres like this cabbage field are now in an area designed 'blighted,' available to be seized by local government for Foxconn uses.

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Anonymous said...

I can see the cabbage loopers from here!

If these fields aren't developed they will have to be burned to save them!