Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Trump further savages Harley. Nowhere man Walker completely intimidated

If Walker were a true friend of Wisconsin workers and a real steward of our economy, he'd stop using Harley-Davidson motorcycles as campaign props and tell Donald Trump and his anti-Wisconsin 'policies' 

to take a hike over this crazy anti-Harley escalation
Trump threatens Harley-Davidson with taxes ‘like never before’ and predicts its eventual collapse
But because Walker is neither a friend to labor or anything resembling a leader - - let alone a representative of Wisconsin values and history - - he'll be Trump's lap dog with all the other one-dimensional Wisconsin GOP careerist place-holders at the Foxconn photo-op and fundraiser with the $100,000-top-ticket later this week

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Anonymous said...

We all kinq Walker was going to extract big money out of the $4.5 Billion he is stealing from taxpayers for a multinational corporation. Walker also told the world what he things of workers when he lied about the "Right to Work For Less" law -- directly stating it “is not going to get to my desk" before being re-elected. Of course, that was the first major initiative after the election.

You can thank Wisocnsin's pro-Walker media, lead by Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, for taking labor issues out of the 2014 campaign by letting Walker get away with that massive lie and catapulting it across the state. No one in the meeting probed the issue any farther after that, just like the failed 250.000 job promise was flushed down the memory hole.

The Harley thing will blow over, as now the media can claim that they are no longer Milwaukee Iron. His motorcycle campaigns were always a stunt. He has no integrity on anything and his media minions know it. That's why they prop him up. The propaganda has already started at jsonline with this BS article:

Harley rumbles in Europe, but its 'made in America' message doesn't always resonate


Christian Schneider, a lying liar and Walkerite of massive proportion, will start spinning lies about this soon to deflect and protect everything Scott Walker. In fact, at this very moment, curiously, jsonline does not refer to Scott Walker in a single article headline at their homepage. That's propaganda by omission.

No one did more promote Walker's Harley Davidson campaign stops than MJS. They created the image that this was somehow proof that Walker was the working man's friend. Everyone at MJS knows this too, so there is no excuse to leave him out of the headlines. Propaganda is what propaganda does.

Now that Walker has Foxconn money, he has no use for Milwaukee Iron.