Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Holding Baldwin's seat, flipping Congress, now super-crucial

If Trump makes another Supreme Court selection through the Congress before the November elections and the Dems can't outwit Majority Leader McConnell and slow it down, his authoritarian right-wing attack on democracy will not be restrained.

So organize for the November elections like your life depends on it. Because this makes clear why:
Justice Kennedy, sometime swing vote, retiring July 31
Anthony Kennedy official SCOTUS portrait.jpg

People in Wisconsin under the Scott Walker-Koch brothers' alliance have seen what one-party, hard-right control of all three branches of government has meant for voting rights, local control, environmental protection, women's health, collective bargaining, Medicaid restrictions, public education, tax policy, the minimum wage, food aid and more.

But this is a thousand times more serious. Immediately at risk with another far right Justice: Roe v. Wade. sanctuary cities, civil rights enforcement, eased absentee voting, clean energy, affirmative action. You might as well have Rush Limbaugh running things.

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Anonymous said...

Don't count on change. It will require mobilizing voters that came out in 2008 and 2012. What candidate on this years ballot can do that?

Michael Mahon? Maybe, but he'd get crushed by the "big union boss" attacks 24/7 which would surely add a racist dog whistle to the campaign.

We know the media is still in the pocket for Walker. Mark my words: Even though this week had an editorial proclaiming it was time to stop gerrymandering -- THEY WILL ENDORSE WALKER AND EVERYTHING REPUBLICAN just like every other election cycle.

They are giving the "I have a wife, 2 kids, and a Harley" guy a free pass on all the trade issues even though Walker marches lock-step with and supports trump. I point of the propaganda at MJS, becuase it leads the echo chamber. Gannet/USA papers around the state are catapulting the same disinformation as is Lee Enterprices (Wisconsin State Journal). The few other publications are all pro-Walker and will promote him the same ways the MJS does.

Right now, jsonline is featuring a great piece of disinformation titled: Already in trouble, Wisconsin dairy farmers are now getting hammered by tariffs.

No mention that Walker's pro-out-of-state corporate-promoting policies, all of which MJS endorsed when they repeatedly endorse Walker, started the process and Walker is doing nothing but glad-handing with Donald Trump and giving away more than $4 Billion of Wisonsin taxpayer's hard-earned money to a multinational corporation.

Meanwhile, our roads and infrastructure is among the worst and most deadly in America. Yes, you are right on the super-crucual part, but who is going to step-up to the plate.

Without a highly energized base and turnout that approaches 2012 (or even better 2008), there will be no coattails for change even if Tammy Baldwin sneaks by with a victory. I hope some candidates for Governor read your blog and comments and are planning on how to reach out to voters that have been left behind in Wisconsin for years now.