Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Walker's train ad stupidity and hypocrisy, part three

I remember when Louisiana GOP Governor Bobby Jindal implored Republicans "to stop being the stupid party."

And just two days ago, NBA legend Charles Barkley challenged Alabama voters to "stop looking like idiots."

So has Scott Walker gotten the message?

The question arises in Walker's taxpayer-paid effort (laid out in this small series' parts one and two) to lure Illinois millennials and transit commuters to work in or move to Wisconsin, and in that pitch - - 

- - I see dissonance, ignorance and brain freeze.

Because while Walker, his ideologically-run agencies and super-partisan GOP legislative allies have officially obstructed, killed or will further curtail:

 *  rail and transit services and;

 *  clean air oversight and 

 *  solar and wind initiatives and 

 *  wetland protections and

 *  programs and projects for bikers and pedestrians.

There is reporting and polling data showing that Millennials favor:

 * water conservation and 

 * clean energy and

 * hiking, biking and camping and

 * sustainability in their retail choices and 

 * public transit as a choice and and because its good for the environment.

On the Jindal/Barkley test, give Walker an "F."

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