Saturday, October 1, 2016

Vos, a WI GOP governor wannabe, embraces toxic Trump

While relatively-leveled-headed GOP leaders and traditionally Republican editorial boards nationally are treating the toxic Donald Trump deservedly like a pariah - - well, that is, except for self-serving Trump toadies like Scott Walker, Paul Ryan, Ron Johnson and other hopelessly paralyzed Wisconsin partisans - - State Assembly Speaker and potential gubernatorial candidate-some-day Robin Vos goes out of his way to embrace the late-night twittering misogynist:
Vos 'Proud' To Back Trump, Says He'll Help Assembly Republicans
Right. Never mind whom Trump insults, slanders, threatens or mocks, or which taxes he evades or chooses not to disclose. 

With Vos... 
Picture of Representative Robin's all about strategy and potential partisan gain, shaky as they are.


Anonymous said...

I guess beware of any charities that Vos sets up as they are bound to be as illegal as the Trump family charities.

my5cents said...

All Trump ever does is point his finger at other people and accuse them of doing what he is doing.

Trump consistently makes degrading comments toward women and minorities, which shows a stunning lack of human decency.

And still, rather than talk about policies and plans for running this country, all he can do is mock Hillary Clinton, and lob accusations at Bill. The same accusations that he himself is guilty of, adultery, not to mention raping a 13 year-old girl multiple times and lusting after his own daughter.

That is the man that Vos worships? Where are Vos's morals? In the gutter with Trump?