Saturday, October 22, 2016

The politics of geography: In WI, hipsters not welcome

Interesting column in The New York Times about where liberals are congregating - - California and San Francisco, for example, not Iowa and Davenport - - and why some states with fewer new liberal immigrants are tough to turn blue.

Says the Times piece:
Go Midwest,
Young Hipster
I don't see that piece being sent around the Walker network, unless it's with the message line - - 'Move along - - not here!'

I've long felt that attacks by the 24/7 GOP partisan Scott Walker on Wisconsin cities and the UW System, along with other actions like disconnecting Madison from Amtrak services through the Midwest, discouraging transit, solar power, wind energy, unwinding the state's environmental legacy and diminishing the concept and reality of the commons, for example, are intended keep the state safely Republican by making the state unattractive to students, millenials, urbanists and newcomers of all varieties who, with their liberal backgrounds and open minds, might come here for college and, later, to take a job, raise a family, or open a business because they found Wisconsin attractive.

Wisconsin is a purple state.

I put nothing past Walker, his mentors and funders at the Wisconsin-based Bradley Foundation, and the entire GOP machine that controls all three branches of government, to do anything they thought might turn Wisconsin's electoral college votes safely Republican red.


Anonymous said...

That they would totally destroy the state to keep it red, you just have to witness the youthicide occurring. Myself, if I had a mortgage, I would flee this craphole faster than you can say scab worker.

Anonymous said...

“It became necessary to destroy the town to save it,”

Anonymous said...

For those too young to remember the quote- the origin of “It became necessary to destroy the town to save it,”

“It became necessary to destroy the town to save it,” a U.S. major said Wednesday.
He was talking about the grim decision that allied commanders made when Viet Cong attackers overran most of this Mekong Delta city 45 miles southwest of Saigon. They decided that regardless of civilian casualties they must bomb and shell the once placid river city of 35,000 to rout the Viet Cong forces.