Friday, September 30, 2016

How to predict WI GOP reaction to Voter ID court order

Here we are on a Friday afternoon, news is breaking about a Federal judge ordering an investigation into whether the State of Wisconsin violated an order to clean up some key Wisconsin Voter ID procedures - - so just for fun - - if Team Walker and Team Schimel are war-gaming about how to deal with the latest legal and political FUBAR on their doorsteps, one could imagine these gems from the record or remarks close to them finding their way into the discussion:
We can't afford another story like this one. No one can give them any reason to do another story. (reference)
This could stop everything that Walker is trying to accomplish and [the unions] know it. (reference) 
Make sure there is not a paper anywhere that details a problem at all. (reference) 
It’s what we often see in media outlets where you get bits and pieces shaped to push their agenda. (reference) 
If that's really necessary, if they have the time to spend on this. (reference
There is no issue. (reference)
That's a ridiculous argument. (reference)


Anonymous said...

What is it going to take for someone, some agency to intervene with enough power to say enough already ENOUGH!? DOJ?

Anonymous said...

You forgot the most important thing we will see. The state's rightwing media, lead by Wisconsin's largest newspaper will report the sham self-investigation this way:

1. Mistakes were made, laws were broken, but this was done by a few employees - a few "bad apples"

2. But voter fraud, even if it is just one vote, has to be prevented. Scott Walker and GOP are protecting our right to vote. After all, even one fraudulent vote "cancels" a legitimate vote.

3. Voter ID is needed and is no burden - you need an ID to drive or use a library, right?

4. We must look forward and prevent voter fraud this fall/next election cycle.

5. Recast the lie that busloads of Mexicans and/or African Americans are coming in on election day from out-of-state.

The point is, no great lie or cover-up is possible without mass media. In Wisconsin, the usual corporate shills will step up and tell us:

1. Walker is "Teflon" and no negative stories about him "stick".

2. The public does not care about voter suppression.

3. This is all "old news" and it is unfair to speak the truth again.

Jake formerly of the LP said...

Well stated, Anon. This is far from the first time these guys have played games with carrying out Fed rules, and it requires the Feds to remind the WisGOPs who is ultimately in charge.

On bigger issue, isn't it well past time that we Federalize the November elections? It is absurd that partisan hacks in little states like ours get to decide how elections for president are done

Anonymous said...

"On bigger issue, isn't it well past time that we Federalize the November elections? It is absurd that partisan hacks in little states like ours get to decide how elections for president are done"

YES ! Jake formerly of the LP has it right ! Federalize presidential elections... one set of rule for everyone. Standardized early voting, poll openings and closing, etc.

I would add one standardized method of voting overseen by a national commission with adult capabilities and audit rights and access to every single voting device.

Betsy said...

My mother is 88 years old and recently moved to a rehab facility due to complications from a stroke. Her mind is just fine, her body is compromised. Here is what happened to me when I attempted to request an absentee ballot:

1. I downloaded the absentee ballot request which my mother was able to sign. I took the ballot to the Dane County Municipal Clerk and was informed that since she had changed apartments (from #22 to #21 within the same building) she would be required to RE-REGISTER to vote - there is no simple change of address option.

2. I drove to her apartment complex to get a copy of the lease and discovered that a lease, though listed as possible use as proof of residence, is not acceptable unless the leasee hands it in in person. My mother cannot do this as she is confined to a rehab facility. An employee in the clerk's office suggested the lease option to me. Not sure why that person did not understand the extent of this rule.

3. As her apartment rent includes utilities, she does has neither a tax bill nor a statement from the local utility.

4. Her driver's license is not acceptable as it expired in January. As she no longer drives her license was not renewed.

5. She does have a valid passport which she intended to use to vote. The passport is not valid for registration.

6. Her bank statement can be used, but the updated address will not appear on a statement until later in October.

7. Monday I will try to complete the application at the clerk's office with an electronic look at her bank statement.

8. Totally ridiculous. 88 years old, my mother has voted in every election since she was 21 years old. I cannot imagine how anybody who does not have help, can possibly figure out the confusing voter regulations. But then, maybe that is the point.

James Rowen said...

The attorneys who succeeded in Federal Court against the ID restrictions might find this information useful.

Anonymous said...

There are plenty of dead voters to make up for it

Jake formerly of the LP said...

What the f**k is wrong with you, troll?

Here's a tip, people of color will have their vote count the same as yours. I know that scares your dead-end self, but it's still true, unlike the GOP's LIES about "voter fraud"