Saturday, October 8, 2016

WI DNR puts up more public land for sale

More sweet wooded/wildlife/habitat parcels of your/our land are up for sale
thanks to the special-interest driven GOP legislature, Republican Gov. Scott Walker and the 'chamber of commerce mentality' he installed atop the intentionally-degraded Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources.

Here are but a few in just one county (note, software download needed for viewing):

Scattered Forest LandsVilaspublic sale - accessibleFO83O(6)[PDF]33.11pending approval
Scattered Forest LandsVilaspublic sale - accessibleFO83O(7)[PDF]10.03pending approval
Scattered Forest LandsVilaspublic sale - accessibleFO83O(8)[PDF]40pending approval
Scattered Forest LandsVilaspublic sale - accessibleFO83O(9)[PDF]34.86pending approval
Scattered Forest LandsVilaspublic sale - accessibleFO42[PDF]19.59pending approval

Where funding has been cut, science thrown out the window and veteran staff kicked to the curb, all of which makes the agency's dwindling anti-pollution efforts even harder to carry out.

And you think this agency's leadership, on a short leash held by this Governor on behalf of his donors, will give fair, publicly-spirited environmental reviews of a lakeshore golf course, plus industrial-scale cattle feeding and hog fattening/manure spewing operations - - all on top of precious groundwater which the Attorney General has just said can be raided without regard for downstream users?

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gfeest said...

Walker will eventually be remembered for the opportunistic, selfish narcissist that he is, but in the meantime we need to keep exposing the massive damage he's doing to our once beautiful state. He's using the DNR to make public lands his cash cow to pay for his tax cuts for the rich, and to reward his donors.