Wednesday, October 26, 2016

For a moment, the forgotten Bobby Jindal rocked

It won't be long before American school kids' history textbooks devote a section about the demise of the GOP as a national party to the early 21st century transformational seer Bobby Jindal.
Bobby Jindal, official 109th Congressional photo.jpg
Yes, that Bobby Jindal, who did indeed drive the Louisiana budget into the ground during two terms as an incompetent Tea Party-inspired Republican Governor.

The same Bobby Jindal who in 2016 himself behaved stupidly by clumsily chasing after Presidential primary traction he did not and will never have, then cemented his own stupidity into GOP lore by endorsing for President the even stupider, more deplorable and totally unqualified and unelectable Donald Trump whom Jindal had called "unstable."

But...Jindal's analytical, predictive genius shone brightly for the ages across the political environment on a single day in January, 2013, and for which historians and the rest of us will fairly give him his due.

That was January 24, 2013 - - after his party had blundered to a Presidential election loss in 2012 and incumbent Democrat Barack Obama whom the GOP had insanely vilified and obstructed had been sworn in for a second term - - and Jindal, with a measure of courage and an economy of language rarely seen in a profession of self-absorbed, talk-forever windbags had publicly urged the GOP to "stop being the stupid party."

Jindal had nailed it, but his warning went for naught, as his party - - in the very next Presidential cycle - - nominated a-beyond-merely stupid Donald Trump - - the woman-molesting, war-mongering, immigrant-trashing, tax-evading, democracy-wrecking Donald Trump also backed by a squad of repulsive media shills, surrogates and best friends like one-time Klansman Wizard Donald Duke and Newt Gingrich and Rudy Guiliani and Sean Hannity and others - - who joined together in a burst of coordinated stupidity to demean and further drive Hispanic, Muslim, African-American and female voters far, far from the Republican Party in the current election and years to come.

While many GOP elected officials like Scott Walker endorsed Trump and refused to take the endorsement back as Trump & Co. got more repellant.

So thank you, Bobby Jindal. 

For a moment, you rocked.

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