Saturday, October 15, 2016

A vote for Johnson is a vote for Trump

There's no debate about it: a vote for Ron Johnson for US Senate is a vote for Donald Trump-the groper for President.
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Plenty of Republican office-holders have broken with Trump over his admitted abuse of women, and polls show voters who see through his fantastical denials fleeing from Trump by the millions.

But not Ron Johnson:

Sen. Ron Johnson stands by Donald Trump in debate
As do Scott Walker, Paul Ryan and others.

Trump is a threat to routine civility, democratic norms, the electoral process, an unfettered media, religious freedom, a clean environment, women's rights, the nation.

His Wisconsin enablers are OK with all that, such is their hatred for Hillary Clinton and fear of a female president - - another blow after Barack Obama's eight years as President to their antiquated, unrealistic and profoundly discriminatory vision of The American Presidency as The Business-as-Usual White Guy's Club.

Don't feel sorry for Johnson. He's not one of those moderate or principled Republicans jeopardized down-ballot by an incendiary, toxic megalomaniac.

He's not a Trump victim. 

Johnson's a Trump fan, a robotically-pro-business mini-CEO in thrall to Trump's super-sized (allegedly) businesses, a conscience-deficient partisan who wouldn't even stand up for abused children or an assaulted woman working to help get him elected.

Johnson, Walker and Ryan are opportunists and lock-step partisan right-wingers first, public citizens second, public servants dead last.

Vote them out.

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Anonymous said...

The sham-man at Marquette's poll also wants us to believe that many many votes for Hillary Clinton are votes for Dumb Ron Johnson. While he shows Clinton giving Don the Con a can of whoop-@ss by a margin approximately like Obama won in 2012 and that we are told Scott Walker "won" in the recall and then 2014, his bogus polls show Dumb Ron Johnson has closed a double digit lead and is now even ahead!

It is a bold-faced lie that voters are going to cross-over from Clinton at the top of the ticket and vote for Dumb Ron Johnson, but no one in the media will even mention the incongruence of these claims, much less tell the truth about them.

This is a "tell" that the fix is in again. Our elections are literally like a guy taking all of our votes, going behind a curtain entirely out-of-sight, and then stepping back on stage proclaiming, without evidence, that candidate so-and-so won.

There is a reason that the sham-man at Marquette packed up his bags and left a public institution -- there, he was subject to open records requests. Now, he can manipulate numbers without any pesky prying eyes.

Wisconsin election returns do not stand-up to basic mathematical scrutiny. The Marquette sham-man wants us to believe candidate with higher unfavorable ratings than favorable won the 2014 election by 8 percentage points.

In 2016, this same fraudster claimed Scott Walker "won" at the top of the ticket in a state-wide race by about 8 points in August and then Obama came back and won by essentially the same margin 2 months later. Not a single journalist/reporter (pardon me for abusing that term) ever mentioned that we are being told there was a 16 point swing from republican to democrat in approximately 60 days in a state-wide race.

The Clinton/Dumb Ron Johnson voters are not going to swing that race, but don't expect anyone in the media tell the truth here.