Thursday, October 27, 2016

GOP-inspired voter interference still roiling Walker-led WI

Scott Walker and his party's voting suppression tactics made state and national news earlier this week, and it's clear their sleazy, win-at-all-costs-using-state-power tactics are going to make headlines right up to the November 8th elections.

*  The same federal judge who rolled back many of the more egregiously-restrictive ballot access barriers which Walker and his party wrote into the law - - and let's give major props right now to One Wisconsin Institute for winning the that federal ruling and also for uncovering shady Green Bay voting suppression which also made news nationally this week - - has also ordered Walker's DMV to track down voters wrongly turned away by officials' paperwork game-playing when seeking those onerous voter ID's Republicans unnecessarily made a voting prerequisite.

*  And state Congressional Democrats, correctly worried that GOP-sown confusion over ID's and other election-day  procedures will gum up the works at polling places have asked federal monitors to observe the Wisconsin election procedure to guarantee voters' rights and a fair election.

Let's hope the feds put lawyers here on November 8th so election rigging is limited only to Donald Trump's 3:00 a.m.Tweets.

(Disclosure. I am a retired One Wisconsin Institute board member and played no role in the activities mentioned above).

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