Monday, October 31, 2016

Walker again taking his tiny coattails out East

I laughed out loud when I read that Scott Walker was again taking his tiny coattails out East close to election day - - this time to West Virginia - - because I remember the last time Walker was invited to spread his not-so-considerable charisma in Virginia and Pennsylvania.

Walker's out-of-state coattails beyond the reach of Wisconsin districts he and his Legislative pals fixed through secret redistricting map-drawing have proven minuscule and threadbare at best. I've seen longer coattails on onesies at garage sales.

Harken back to 2013 when Virginia Republican gubernatorial candidate and then-Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli came close but lost to Democrat Terry McAullife, and I've always wondered if Cuccinelli wondered if there had been a better way to spend some of his campaign's last precious hours than listening to Walker bring his unwelcome union-bashing message to sparse crowds:

One of the about 100 supporters gathered in a field in this D.C. exurb waved a “Stand with Walker” sign from last year’s recall fight.
At an earlier stop in Spotsylvania, which drew about 150, Republican National Committee chairman Reince Priebus led the crowd in singing Walker a happy 46th birthday.

If anything, Team Cuccinelli, with a Walker 'assist,' helped turn Virginia blue, as will be borne out again next week when Hillary Clinton whomps Donald Trump there. 

Back to last Friday, when West Virginia media reported that its state's anti-union GOP gubernatorial candidate Bill Cole said Walker is his model:

During the campaign event Friday, Cole made it clear that he would further emulate what Walker has done in Wisconsin over the past five years if he is elected to the state’s highest office. 
That record includes continued support for Wisconsin’s right-to-work law that caused Walker to fight a recall in 2012, after unions in the state gathered enough signatures to prompt a special election.
You might as well invite in a wellness specialist who passes out free cigarettes.

West Virginia is already a poor state; people there ought to take a look at data and trends which showing how deeply Walker and his gerrymandered allies have damaged Wisconsin's economy, stalled growth except in low-wage jobs and embedded problems which may never be repaired. 

Walker models nothing positive.

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Anonymous said...

Perhaps someone should nail his tiny coattails to a barn or tree, so that his return to the former state of Wisconsin is delayed a bit.