Sunday, October 23, 2016

JS blast at Trump raises these questions

The Journal Sentinel slammed GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump for claiming a rigged election was underway and failing to agree to accept the election outcome should he lose.

But the editorial continued the newspaper's pressure on GOP House Speaker Paul Ryan to withdraw his endorsement from Trump while not making the same demand of GOP WI Governor Scott Walker whose endorsement preceded Ryan's and is now in its 95th day.

Why the double-standard?

Another question: Will the newspaper editorially urge readers not to vote for Trump, or endorse Hillary Clinton?

The paper had said a few years ago that it was getting out of the candidate endorsement business, but reserved the right to get back in if it chose.

Nearly every newspaper nationally making Presidential endorsements has recommended Clinton, including many papers which always side with Republicans.

Even the Journal Sentinel's current parent company's lead paper - - USA Today - - broke with its tradition and urged readers not to vote for Trump.

Whither the Journal Sentinel?

And since I'm raising the question, and if I were in the prediction business, which I'm not, I wouldn't be surprised if the paper went the 'no Trump' route, or offered a tepid endorsement for Clinton 'balanced' by a 'send-Johnson-back' pitch, regardless of Johnson's zero contribution these last six years and the Presidency-Senate gridlock which a Clinton presidency and Johnson Senate seat retention could assure.


Anonymous said...

MJS has always been pro-Walker and this did not change when the paper was sold -- first to Scripps (so they could own the pro-Walker radio propaganda unit WTMJ-AM) and now Gannet (USA Today). The merged Sentinel/Journal was always about consolidating the newspaper holdings into one propaganda daily.

Owners of newspapers never tried to provide and quality product to find a digital/Internet-based business model. Instead, they just decided that these assets were worth more as pro-republican disinformation tools.

It is not just Wisconsin. This happened across the nation. The Badger State, however, was ideal for this new media model, because the smaller-town newspapers were always used by the local owners to promote everything GOP. Without MJS, Scott Walker would never be Governor.

The fact that national interests we so keen on picking up the leader of Wisconsin's extreme right-wing echo-chamber, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, tells us that Walker is not done on a national stage -- not by a long-shot.

But his presence at the pinnacle of Wisconsin politics and what will be a re-emergence running into 2020 was never about Walker, his record, his accomplishments, nor any talent or skills he has. It was always pure propaganda coming directly from the people behind his ascent to power.

Walker is a dolt, but a perfect tool and MJS merely continues to promote him but under a new owner with a solid-track record of disseminating disinformation across America -- U.S.A. Today.

They have owned the Fox Valley garbage published as newspapers for a long-long time and immediately made those publications irrelevant to their respective local communities.

zombie rotten mcdonald said...

If I head to bet, it would be a "No Endorsement" route, with weasel words that Trump is unacceptable, but HRC has "troubling questions"....

Anonymous said...

They know Ryan will be elected, thus they can judge him a little. Walker will soon be struggling to be reelected so they dare not call him on the carpet. The MJS is as scummy as Walker.

my5cents said...

Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus went on “Face the Nation” to clear everything up.

“I know where he’s at on this,” Priebus said.

Sweet. Where’s he at?

”He’s saying he wants to reserve all options,” Priebus assured CBS News’ John Dickerson, “and, ‘If there is grounds for a recount, I will exercise my options.’”
“He is not willing to not concede if he loses and there’s no fraud,” he added.

Not willing to not concede. Cool, cool. Clear as can be!