Saturday, October 15, 2016

The GOP '16 Revue - - a serial abuser, dense Pence, many enablers

As infuriating and degrading as much of the presidential campaign has become, let's note this positive:

Campaigns should truly reveal the candidates, and this one has not disappointed.

We have seen an organized, informed and coherent Hillary Clinton with the maturity and strength to withstand a bullying, stalking, violence-inciting opponent, while Donald Trump has revealed brutish past and disqualifying insecurities, inadequacies and downright baffling tics.

Then there is flatly ridiculous and dense Mike Pence,
Mike Pence by Gage Skidmore 6.jpg

thick-headed or dishonest enough to say out loud that he did not understand First Lady Michelle Obama's clear-as-a-bell and soul-bearing speech about the realities which women face at the hands - - literally - - of many men.

An easy-to-grasp talk about women's rights and human rights from a First Lady doing precisely what she can do: educate people from a bully pulpit not used to bully about the right of all women and men - - all humans - - to live and work without sexual harassment or assault that some twisted individuals with disproportionate power consider their entitlement.

How hard is that to understand?

If Glenn Beck gets it, why can't or won't Pence?

Pence also said he believes Donald Trump's denials of the very assaultive behaviors he was caught bragging about on tape.

That is a uniquely ugly type of loyality that has veered over and above the requirements of serving dutifully as a supportive and grateful vice-presidential nominee and puts such a fool as distant from the Vice-President's residence and one heartbeat away from the Presidency as one can hurl one's stupid-is-as-stupid-does self.

So there is your GOP ticket - - still, by the way endorsed for a four-to-eight-year reign over the citizenry, military, budget, court nominations, ambassadorial ranks and everyday national moral tone - - by all Wisconsin's elected GOP 'leadership,' including Scott Walker, Paul Ryan, Ron Johnson, et al - - and what a pairing that ticket is:

Trump, the GOP's anointed Liar/Denier, and dense Pence - - both enabling each other's FUBARed presentation, fake credentials and false authenticy and propped by our home state's senior elected officials who rate power, partisan opportunity and place-holding above all else.

Vote them out.


Jonathan Swift said...

When you list Dirty Donald's fans don't forget former Republican leader Bill Kramer and Enabler General Brad Schimel.

Anonymous said...

Don the Con is now calling for a drug test before the next debate, promising "I will have the best drug test ever!"

WTF?!?!?! Is this moron proclaiming there will be so much cocaine residue in his urine that even it will be capable of getting someone all coked up?

I for one, would not want to ingest tRump's urine even if it gave me the most powerful altered state of consciousness known to mankind. I can't wait to see how Scott Walker, Dumb Ron Johnson, Paul Ryan, and their BFF Milwaukee Journal Sentinel handle this latest outrage.

my5cents said...

It's not that Pence doesn't get it or is dense. He has an extremely narrow view of life, and how men should live their lives, to the point that he cannot conceive of someone like Trump doing the things that he has done (he consistently says Trump would not do that, and he believes what he says, no discussion). It all goes back to Pence's religious upbringing. He has such a strict narrow view that he simply cannot conceive of people doing the things Trump has done. And, if they have, they can repent and be saved. For Pence it all goes back to his religious beliefs. He thinks of everything in the context of his religion which makes him grossly unqualified to be Vice President of the United States of America. I grew up in Christian churches and have know people like Pence. If that isn't it, then he deserves an Oscar for his performance.