Thursday, October 27, 2016

Militia acquittals in Oregon raise ugly questions

The acquittals of armed white secessionist protesters, including Ammon Bundy, below - - 

Ammon Bundy January 23, 2016.jpg
- - by an Oregon federal jury after the takeover, occupation of and damage to a US Wildlife facility raises all sorts of issues:

*  Will this embolden Trump partisans who have talked openly of insurrection should Trump lose the Presidential election?

*  How can you square this with the mass arrests being visited upon Native Americans and their supporters at the site of the North Dakota pipeline?

The double-standards are blatant and disturbing and dangerous and wrong, wrong, wrong. 


Allen said...

Typical American cowboy and indian story. Indians loose.

my5cents said...


Anonymous said...

This is shameful. Stupid, law-breaking red necks walk free after destroying the preserve buildings. All in the name of making profits for their greedy selves.

Yet native peoples are arrested for trying to stop the desecration of their lands and ancestral burial grounds, and to protect the precious water source for millions. Again, going up against private businesses seeking greedy profits for themselves while destroying the environment during drilling, transportation, and refining of polluting fossil fuels.

This is disgusting!