Monday, October 24, 2016

Surrounded by Harvard grads, Ron Johnson disdains Harvard

[Updated] Wisconsin GOP US Senator Ron Johnson took another shot at Democratic opponent Russ Feingold for having obtained a Harvard Law School education.

He's done it before, describing Feingold as:

...a Washington elitist, someone who went to Harvard and Oxford, who has bamboozled folks here in Wisconsin that he's this independent, little maverick guy that has their best interests at heart."
Before I get to the Harvard matter, wait, what? "...little maverick guy..."

How much contempt can one insecure office-holder bring to one interview wrapped in basic anti-intellectual GOP outsider labeling?

With that Harvard, ick, thrown in?

Update - - This attack on Feingold and college education is clearly GOP focus group, campaign consultant-tested-and-scripted, with the worst of divisive motivations, because Wisconsin has a very large percentage of voters without college degrees, and Johnson is demagoguing right at them.

With Scott Walker right behind him, keeping to his Trump endorsement - - and given cover by the state's largest newspaper which refuses to make him adhere to any measure of accountability - -  leaving Walker free to work hard to keep Johnson in the Senate where he could block Hillary Clinton's agenda.
Ron Johnson, official portrait, 112th Congress.jpg
But back to Johnson, and his Feingold dog-whistle:

You know, Harvard - - that school where multiple US Supreme Court Justices and US Presidents got degrees - - including Republican President George Bush, current Chief Justice John Roberts, and the late Justice and GOP hero Antonin Scalia.

I guess the one thing you don't want on the resumes of the people we send to the Senate to pass laws and vote to approve judges is knowledge of the law.

And remember Johnson's praise of Scalia when the Justice passed away last year? 
“This is a profound loss for America. Justice Scalia’s wisdom and his understanding of our Constitution made him an irreplaceable voice for liberty on the Supreme Court. In choosing another justice for the court, we must look for his kind of unwavering devotion to freedom and the rule of law that is the foundation of our nation.” 
You wonder if Scalia got any of that "devotion to freedom and the rule of law" which Johnson was praising where the Justice went to law school?

Not to mention that seven of Johnson's GOP Senate colleagues and presumed elitists received degrees there, too, a Harvard publication says:
*Tom Cotton ’99, J.D. ’02 (Ark.); Michael D. Crapo, J.D. ’77 (Id.); Rafael Edward “Ted” Cruz, J.D. ’95 (Tex.); *Ben Sasse ’94 (Neb.); *Daniel S. Sullivan ’87 (Alas.); Pat Toomey ’84 (Pa.); David Vitter ’83 (La.)
I mean, look at that list. The far-right heavyweight and almost GOP Presidential nominee Ted Cruz is on it. And the up-and-coming firebrand Tom Cotton! If you apply Johnson's credentials 'analysis,' that group is disqualified. 

But wait, there's more.

Johnson's committee assignments, include Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs, Budget, Foreign Relations, Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations, and Commerce, Science and Transportation, and everyone who knows DC knows how important are the Capitol committee staffers.

I wonder if key staffers with Harvard degrees upon whom Johnson relies for expertise, hiring and legal opinions - - there's that legal thing, again - -  and other decisions and resources which keep assist Johnson looking Senatorial and re-electable know of his disdain for their alma mater? I found these names in twenty minutes on Google, and no doubt there are more:

Christopher Ford, Chief Legislative Counsel to US Senate Committee on Foreign Relations. Harvard grad.

Dan Kowalski, Deputy staff director, Budget Committee, JFK School of Public Policy, Harvard.

Nick Rossi, Deputy Staff Director at U.S. Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, & Transportation. Harvard Law grad.

Brian Callahan, Staff director, Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations. Harvard law grad.

Beth Grossman, chief counsel, Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs, Harvard law grad.

Harvard, ick!

Better yet, Ron Johnson, ick.


Montreal Hammer said...

Ron Johnson shields himself with a bubble of facetious, fallacious, falsche lick-schpittle. Periodically, he hasch to schlobber on another layer inschide hisch schlippery schlime bubble.

It is best to just look away when he does this. Just look away.

Anonymous said...

He calls Russ Feingold a phony, but at the same time blames him for the loss of 70,000 jobs over the last 6 years, when Johnson was Senator.

He blames Feingold for the rise of ISIS, while he has been the Senate Chair of Homeland Security, when Irish came to the fore.

He talks about Feingold shipping jobs to China, where his wife's family, who runs Bemis, in Oshkosh, has opened multiple plants in the past fifteen years.

He reprises a line in current commercials where his daughters say he is the perfect person to clean up Washington, wherein he has had six years to initiate something, but has never bothered.

The phony, Ron, is Ron. You, Mr. Johnson, are the carpetbagging phony.

Anonymous said...

Um, that was Isis, before it was auto-corrected.

The Irish had been around a bit longer than ISIS, and do not offer up the same threat they did in the 1980's.

Sorry for offending myself and other Irish-Americans.