Saturday, October 1, 2016

Q. for Vos: When was Walker genuous, exactly?

It seems to be a Robin Vos kind of day, now complete with awesome self-parody:
Vos: 'Disingenuous' for Walker to request alternative transportation plan from lawmakers


Anonymous said...

Maybe he is planning to challenge Walker in the primary. Maybe he is tired of playing second fiddle to someone who never finished college and never built his own business. Maybe the WI GOP is looking for a backup plan in case Walker's polling continues to tank. One think is certain. Vos is just like Trump and WI will continue to decline under the GOP.

Boxer said...

Same shit. Different day.

Anonymous said...

If tRump wins this fall -- Scott Walker is out-of-here and will get a cabinet post. If tRump loses?

Walker will not run in 2018. He will go on a multi-million dollar tour on his Harley, swilling garbage beer, and doing photo-ops which the media will misrepresent as proof he is a working-man's hero (remember the pics from 2015 with the fist bumps to with fat white dudes?). The Koch brothers will forgive and forget, this time underwriting the whole charade, but likely through their various dark money groups so that it is not traced directly back to them.

The promise of almost a billion dollars of Koch money this cycle for the White House? That was a scam that the media dutifully enabled without any credible analysis or even anything more than republishing the talking points directly as passed along from Koch.

The Kochs no that Scottie blew their cover and the public knows who they are. There is no real division between tRump and Kochs. Don the Con has already said he will put Koch stooge Michael Pence in charge of domestic and foreign policy. All that is left will be for tRump to do what he does best -- Thievin' and Stealin'

The media has reported, probably not as robustly as the Kochs would like, that they have taken their ball and bat and their billion dollars and gone home. They never intended to spend it on the White House race. It is all going down-ticket and that was probably the plan all along (though it is possible that if Walker was not such a massive failure, it would have underwritten him as the nominee).

Scott Walker is still jet-settin' around the country. Obviously, his "prep work" with tRump was another massive failure -- no surprise -- he is a moron without being given his own talking points. This is an objective fact! I challenge anyone to find a transcript directly from an impromptu radio appearance. His is incoherent and does not even speak in simple sentences.

Most likely, the media is lying to us again and Scott Walker was not a stand-in for Hillary Clinton. Now the saying lying liars are telling use that Walker is a stand-in prepping Michael Pense! This is more nonsense.

What is really happening is that the national media is either being used or is complicity with grooming Walker for a 2020 run. If there was any honest reporting about Walker's mythical or actual role in debate prep, then the media would point out how absurd it all is given Scott Walker's poor performance in the Republican primary where he crashed and burned as a laughing stock.

Back to Vos. The differences between Walker and Vos go no farther than the letters A and C in ALEC! They only differ in style and in image management. We are seeing the media groom Vos as someone untainted with the awful stench of Scott Walker and his record failure. No one did more to promote and enact everything Walker "achieved".

This is all another media circus.

my5cents said...

I heard or read where Vos is planning to run for Governor. What's the difference between Walker or Vos being governor? So far a legislation goes, nothing. Both are working feverishly to implement all of the ALEC legislation they can to appease corporations and the far right wing of the Republican party. They are two peas in a pod. I personally think Vos would be worse than Walker with the legislation he would push through. He is more determined to make Wisconsin in the ALEC/Koch image than Walker because he has no further aspirations for power other than to be Governor.

When was Scott Walker genuous? Since that is not really a word, I looked up ingenuous which means: adjective -- 1. free from reserve, restraint, or dissimulation; candid; sincere. 2. artless; innocent; naive. 3. Obsolete. honorable or noble.

Walker is and never has been any of those adjectives.

JB said...

I think the word that Vos was looking for was "cowardly" rather than "disingenuous." But that's just my opinion.

Anonymous said...

I like that picture of Vos with his mouth like a rat. Can't you use those with these posts? It just seems so appropriate.