Sunday, October 16, 2016

NY Times Ryan/Trump piece has extra WI angle

I recommend the Times piece - -  
A portrait shot of Paul Ryan, looking straight ahead. He has short brown hair, and is wearing a dark navy blazer with a red and blue striped tie over a light blue collared shirt. In the background is the American flag.
- - because it pulls back the curtain a bit on the GOP's self-inflicted failure to cope with Donald Trump's ascension.

Regardless of whether Trump wins or loses the Presidency, Ryan has leadership troubles ahead with House Republicans and its Trumpian Freedom Caucus.

Also not coming out of the Times piece without a smudge or two is GOP chairman Reince Priebus.

Wisconsin readers will find the story especially interesting because it includes a denial that Priebus had been crying over the party's Trump FUBAR - - though credit the Times for asking - - and that the source for the 'in tears' anecdote was Charlie Sykes: 
Mr. Sykes let Mr. Priebus know via text that Mr. Trump was no longer welcome in Wisconsin. Mr. Sykes said Mr. Priebus responded: “I am the guy trying to fix this! I am in tears over this.’” (A spokeswoman for Mr. Priebus acknowledged that he was upset, but denied any tears.)
The piece also identifies Sykes as a former talk show host, but his station has said he is leaving at the end of December.


Anonymous said...

Paul Ryan was always a low-achieving dimwit who's private sector experience does not go beyond driving the Weinermobile. It was media propaganda that catapulted him falsely as a "numbers guy" and then "policy wonk". This was a tell that someone was going to thrust him onto the national stage soon.

And VIOLA! The Koch brothers bought his spot on Romney's failed 2012 ticket for $100 million dollars:

He didn't get any smarter since then and was never a "numbers guy" and "policy wonk". He is an idiot who thought he could barge into a soup kitchen after the meal and facilities were cleaned up, grab a spotless pan off the wall, and do photo-ops like he was a humble servant washing dishes for the poor.

Geee, Paulie, how'd that one turn out fer ya? Mitt Romney eventually had to pull Ryan from the campain trail in the closing weeks because he was such a liability -- even in his home state of Wisconsin.

Paul Ryan's leadership was always non-existant. In many ways, the article you cite, while accurate in it's prognosis for the future, entirely misrepresents why Ryan will have trouble ahead. He is a dolt. The extreme right will not support him and the more reasonable voices (note: not reasonable, but more than tRump's base) know he is a flim-flam man.

David & Charles Koch got their guy Mike Pence on the republican ticket with public promises by Don the Con that his VP would be in charge of all domestic and foreign policy. This is a stinking pile of you-know-what that not even the most hard-right media shills can sell to the American people.

And remember, they don't need to actually "win" -- elections just need to be close enough to steal by shaving no-more than 3% of the total vote (up to a 6% swing). For more on that, google Ohio attorney Cliff Arnebeck. He got a last-minute court order on election day in 2012 that kept that state from flipping to Romney and being used to prematurely call that state for Mitt Romney as was done in 2004. Please also note that this theft was in their wheelhouse -- the margin of victory for Obama was only 3%.

Google "Karl Rove meltdown" 2012 and you will see poor Rove throw a temper tantrum because he was not informed that the fix was off in Ohio and he assumed the state would, just like 2004, suddenly & unexpectedly be called for his candidate.

Anonymous said...

Ryan is nothing but an echo chamber for small government, tax cuts for corporations and the wealthy, free trade, and deep cuts in entitlement programs. He is smooth and can sell crap in a brown paper bag and as such is perhaps the most dangerous politician out there. But Trump has exposed that people are sick of trickle down economics and Ryan's continuous "happy talk" that his BETTER WAY will make everything great for the 99% of us! His "BETTER WAY" is only better for those at the top and he is now little more than a convenient shill for the Koch brothers. He is ever so dangerous however because he can convince the Republican party that his numbers add up. Unfortunately economists have repeatedly shown that his numbers are bogus and have no foundation in economic fact.

Anonymous said...

It is time to send that wiener back to the wiener mobile for some private sector goodness.

Anonymous said...

Did you see that Sykes is playing George Bailey in an all WTMJ production of "It's a Wonderful Life?" In this version, When Clarence grants him his wish to have never been born, the world becomes a kinder, gentler place.