Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Walker's Trump endorsement, Day 97

While others have withdrawn their Donald Trump presidential endorsements based on his words and deeds, Wisconsin GOP Governor Scott Walker has not

Walker made his endorsement on July 20 - - "absolutely," he said," ninety-six days ago. And counting.
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Anonymous said...

Walker has to play nice with tRump. In 2018, he will start runnin' for prez again. The media will falsely promote him as a great "uniter" who tried to heal the racist divide between republicans in 2016 and is not going to lead an alt-right kumbaya

Of course, that is an oxymoron. Haters and racists all holding hands and singing "come by here"?

But don't expect the media to tell the truth on this one. Scott Walker will have the nation's only national newspaper on his side -- the biggest pro-Walker propaganda rag, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel is now their brand and they continue to lie about everything Scott Walker.