Sunday, October 9, 2016

Another loss in court, another Walker waste of public $

[Updated] A federal judge has blocked WI Gov. and regular basher of poor people Scott Walker from drug testing federal food stamp recipients:
A federal judge has dismissed a lawsuit seeking permission for the Walker administration to drug test some participants in the food stamps program, saying the state's request was premature. 
Just as other judges have reversed or penalized Walker, his agencies and/or the Legislature for having drawn politically-inspired and  historically-lopsided legislative district maps, failed to enforce clean water rules, cooked the books with dubious data to build an unnecessary highway north of Milwaukee, broke the Amtrak train manufacturing contract and damaged job opportunities in a low-income Milwaukee neighborhood, obstructed unfettered voting, and reduced women's access to health care - - a predicted loss that also cost taxpayers $1.6 million in legal fees.

Which paled in comparison to the Amtrak FUBAR:

Wisconsin has agreed to pay train maker Talgo $9.7 million to settle a lawsuit stemming from a decision by Governor Scott Walker to drop a plan to use its cars on a passenger rail line between Milwaukee and Chicago, an attorney said on Thursday.
The train maker, a Seattle-based unit of Spain's Talgo , will own the disputed train sets it built for Wisconsin under the settlement reached on Wednesday, said attorney Lester Pines, who represents Tango...
Wisconsin paid $42 million for the two 17-car trainsets that would have been used on Amtrak's passenger rail service between Chicago and Milwaukee under a plan approved by former Governor Jim Doyle, a Democrat, in 2009.
These partisan phonies talk a fiscally-conservative line but think nothing of blowing taxpayer money by the millions of dollars on ends-justify-the-means actions, or to reward a special interest, or to aid a partisan campaign even when they know what they are doing will be reversed in court.


Anonymous said...

But Scott Walker had big plans for those buckets of pee. He was going to use them to incite and encourage the baskets of deplorables that support him and tRump.

Of course, all of this is a great distraction for looking at Hillary Clinton's Wall Street banksters speech transcripts and the fact that she calls milenials buckets of losers. This race really sucks in the most historical proportions.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't he always lose in courts that he hasn't stacked ahead of time. For example the Wisconsin State Supreme Court.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to inform you but the quote "buckets of losers" has already been proven false. You can now go back to Fox News and tell them that you have failed.

Anonymous said...

The damage that Walker and the Trump mentalities have brought to Wisconsin are very said. It is not only $$$$ that have been lost. Hatred and racism has spread through the state. This is important to understand that this will have a lingering effect for years to come.

In northern Wisconsin the racist overtones from Trump, Walker, and other GOP members have spread to a local homecoming parade.

Which sadly is seen via a senior float depicting Trump and several Mexican citizens behind a wall.

Anonymous said...

So how was it "proven" false? Did Clinton finally release the speech, transcripts, video, or audio?

Unknown said...

I'm sorry to say that Racism and Hatred have always been in Wisconsin. You must be too young to remember the racist/hate signs at the boat landings when the tribes first used their treaty rights in spear fishing. It was ugly. I will never forget the signs that said, "Save a walleye; spear an Indian." depicted with a pregnant native woman being speared. Racism is now being depicted with Mexican Americans/Hispanics in the North because that is what Trump has recently brought to light. We can now see that Racism is alive and well and in this way it can be dealt with. It is out of the Dark and into the Light of day. So, do something about it as we all should have done years ago. I can't get on the site that you provided so can't comment on what it was. If it indeed was racist then where were the educators who supervised these floats? Shameful if they let this go on.

Don C said...

So racism has always been present. I have been around Wisconsin long enough to remember the spear fishing disputes. I've been here for over 65 years. Racism is never acceptable no matter when it occurred or toward whom it's directed.
The Walker Administration has proven to be a huge disaster in more ways than ANY previous administration. It's failed in economic growth. It's failed in job growth. It's failed fiscally in spite of what it thought was clever plans to restructure and refinance the debt. It has missed payments in spite of major cuts in shared revenue to municipalities. Walker's failures are compounding in more and more damage to the states finances. Bond rating have dropped which costs taxpayers more when the state bonds (borrows money) for highway or municipal projects.
Of course his supporters cry "Doyle" because they're to ignorant to recognize that the Thompson /McCallum administration left office with a record $3.2 billion defict.
For the sake of the state, I can only hope that REAL Wisconsinites can put the right/left bs away and start acting like the people that loved this state as long as I have.