Monday, October 10, 2016

Despite autopsy, Priebus, GOP commit suicide again

Former GOP presidential campaign loser but accurate-one-time Bobby Jindal famously urged his fellow Republicans to "stop being the stupid party," but stupid is as stupid does, because even after an earlier autopsy report for the dead-and-buried reactionary GOP, RNC chair Reince Priebus exhumed the corpse and then buried it again

“Nothing has changed in terms of our support for the nominee,” Priebus said. | AP

Priebus declares RNC standing behind Trump
And "standing behind" is certainly the Trump reference of the day:


Anonymous said...

Priebus is banking on personal future financial support from Trump by way of a job. He is certainly a lousy head of a party. I can't see the R's sticking with him after this election. Ryan will wait until the day before the election to pull his support from Trump so he can later claim he did the right thing after all. The very brave Jerk from Janesville.

Anonymous said...

And these are the smartest guys in the room when republicans get together.