Thursday, October 20, 2016

Debates revealed Trump's lack of mental, physical & Presidential fitness

I wish I'd taken a freeze frame photo or two at the end of the debate.

There was Trump, inert at his podium, intellectually whipped, pale and physically pooped, reduced ridiculously to a 'I know you are but what am I' retort when correctly called out as a Putin puppet, who then capped off a failed performance by interrupting Hillary Clinton - - and with all his personal and political problems with women and female voters dominating the news for weeks - - whined aloud "what a nasty woman."
Trump at lectern before backdrop with elements of logo "TRUMP"
That after insulting numerous women, and every opponent let alone entire national populations and religions for a year and a half, The Donald proved he could dish it out, but couldn't take it.

With so little credibility, he'd have us believe he might challenge the results of the election?

Please. On an election night that is looking like a GOP slaughter and intentional personal rejection, does Trump think he would be entitled to claim and exercise such power?

Then there was  Hillary Clinton when the debate ended: ebullient, smiling, energized - - the obvious winner against an unprepared, unqualified, completely exposed loser who had had tricked himself and many others into believing - - until last night showed otherwise - - that he will always be the winner.

It's so ironic that the rap on Hillary was that she isn't authentic, when last night showed Trump again to be a completely deluded fake - - an artificial, no-there-there candidate, politician, leader, strategist, analyst, thinker who, in reality, could not withstand the rigors of a 990-minute debate, let alone being US President, Commander-in-Chief and national moral leader.

I could swear I felt an earthquake as the debate was ending, but realized it was the sound of reasonable people fleeing the specter of the incompetent Trump and and his un-American Trumpism - - except for Scott Walker, Ron Johnson, Paul Ryan and the other Wisconsin Republicans who are sticking with the Putin puppet and playing an indefensible partisan game.


Unknown said...

I am not a Hillary supporter (Bernie was my man) but Hillary did well in spite of Wallace being so biased. He allowed Trump to go beyond his allotted time, to interrupt continually and to stray from the topic being proffered. Wallace is owned by the Republicans and it showed in how he phrased the questions and the leading remarks he made in the questions. I think turning off the mic would be a good strategy when candidates are acting like Trump was and yet it never is used. nj

Anonymous said...

No one should be surprised that koch tools Scott Walker, Dumb Ron Johnson, and Paul Ryan support tRump. He put a top-koch guy on the ticket as VP and the publicly announced that this koch stooge would be responsible for domestic AND foreign policy.

Where were the media reports on that?

The Wisconsin republican mafia are all koch hacks. And where did the koch family fortune come from?

SELLING LEAD ADDITIVES TO ADOLPH HITLER AND JOSEPH STALIN! David and Charles got rich the old-fashion way -- FROM DADDY!

Wisconsin media has never told the truth about why we have a republican take-over of Wisconsin and that it is all directly from the most extreme political activists in America -- the koch brothers.

What appears to be unbelievable hypocrisy on the part of Walker, Johnson, and Ryan is actually consistent with who they are and what they stand for -- koch puppets. It only looks hypocritical when viewed through the dishonest framing of state's media.