Sunday, October 9, 2016

An ugly takeaway image from tonight's debate

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Anonymous said...

Kind of like in Walker's Wisconsin when Walker ordered his Capitol Police Storm Troopers to get tough in arresting and roughing up the Solidarity Singers a couple of years ago. The visual images of elderly women being handcuffed and handicapped veterans being thrown down a flight of stairs by Walker Storm Troopers were a model for Trump on how a REAL Republican leader (Scott Walker) runs his state.

Look for Walker to accept a Cabinet level position as Secretary of Political Payback in charge of arresting and imprisoning everyone from Hillary Clinton to every blog writer who wrote an anti-Trump posting. When Trump is elected to the Presidency, folks like you, Mr. Rowen, had better renounce your opposition to Mr. Trump or face the consequences of choosing the wrong candidate to support.

The political retribution that Scott Walker has already meted out to anyone that has opposed his Governorship will be minor in comparison to the "payback" that Donald Trump and his supporters are likely planning for those who have publicly criticized Trump or supported Hillary Clinton.