Monday, October 10, 2016

WI GOP leaders still with good enough Trump

Even after 90 minutes of nationally-televised stage-stalking of Hillary Clinton that validated all the misogyny which Donald Trump denies, including threatening, should he win, to imprison Hillary Clinton as if he were one of the dictators he reveres for their unchecked power, leading Republicans are declaring Trump's performance 'good enough' to keep him open the ticket.

So he can become in front of perhaps 100 million people that loudmouth at a Trump rally who leads the "Lock her up" chant, and most GOP leaders won't abandon Trump?

If that was good on any rating scale, what would it have taken for them to have finally sent him packing?

Maybe if he did what he once bragged he could do with impunity and open fire down Firth Avenue in Manhattan?

Paul Ryan, Scott Walker, Ron Johnson, Sean Duffy today are still with Trump to save their own hides and preserve access to certain partisan donors, though Ryan said today he would not appear with Trump as the campaign limps towards failure, thus continuing the Wisconsin leaders' chickens*t, integrity-free behavior of wanting Trump to stand for you and me around the world and in the White House, but not with them on speaker's platform or at a fish fry.

While Ryan has made his self-interested parsed peace with Trump, Walker prefers the silence-is-golden route about the debate.

Did he even see it? Though you know he watched, 24/7/365 political junkie that he is, he used his Twitter feed - fingers in his ears - - lalalalalalala - - to pretend otherwise:

Touchdown !
And Ron Johnson's still with Trump because, Bengazi!

These cowards deserve each other, but not our respect and elected office, if they think this is Presidential, let alone normal:

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