Thursday, October 20, 2016

Another day and Trump digs in. Walker, too

Last night, The Donald Spectacle was on display at the third and (mercifully) final Presidential debate:
Debates revealed Trump's lack of mental, physical & Presidential fitness
Trump at lectern before backdrop with elements of logo "TRUMP" 
Tonight he moved it to the annual Al Smith charity dinner:
Donald Trump just turned a charity dinner into a screed against Hillary Clinton
Oh - - And add another day to Scott Walker's July 20 endorsement of the afore-mentioned Donald Trump.

Many GOP leaders have withdrawn their endorsements as Trump's campaign got darker and meaner and obviously unacceptable.

But Walker has stood by his endorsement for 93 days. By November 8th, he could hit 111.

This was Walker in the last 24 hours:

Walker says he disagrees with Trump on many issues, but the Wisconsin governor says Trump is a better choice than Hillary Clinton.
Stubborn is as stubborn does. Stupidity, too.

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Jonathan Swift said...

Donald Trump and his antics have taken all attention away from the "Guardian" document leaks which showed that Doe I&II were not political witch hunts but justified criminal investigations. The evidence showed that if the process was allowed to go to completion that much of the Walker Regime including several of the Wisconsin Manufacturer's Court justices who shut it down would be defendants.

Scotty is chugging down more Coors and doing a happy dance.