Sunday, October 9, 2016

Ted ("Vote Your Conscience") Cruz goes even shallower

Nothing says commitment to principle like second-guessing a self-serving favor badly timed:
Ted Cruz is considering rescinding his reluctant endorsement of Donald Trump, according to multiple reports. 
Also voluntarily on the Trump petard - -Scott Walker, Paul Ryan, and especially Mike Pence, et al.


Anonymous said...

Donald Trumps hands are smaller than every other 2016 candidate, including Hillary Clinton. It is too bad there wasn't a real pissing contest to settle who should be the Republican nominee. It looks like Trump was overcompensating for this when he was grabbing p---y and then raping because he has always known what Marco Rubio said was true.

Anonymous said...

Well Rep. Duffy was APPALLED at Trump remarks. He said he has 5 daughters and yes he is APPALLED...... but he is still supporting Trump.

It's not his private life that he supports it's his policies according to Duffy.

So you would support an individual that would possibly implement policies that would negatively impact the life of your daughters.

Well I guess that tells us who and what is important to you.