Friday, October 7, 2016

On the eve of Trump's non-appearance in WI Saturday...

Here's where we stand:

Trump won't appear in Elkhorn, having been disinvited by Paul Ryan, but it appears that Ryan, Walker and Ron Johnson will show up.


More awkwardness: None withdrew their endorsement.
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Trump did issue a late-night 90-second apology for his previously taped piggishness - - his words but not for the assaultive deeds he bragged and chuckled about committing - - but immediately went back in campaign mode at Bill Clinton as Trump also did in his first, mini-apology on Twitter.

Complete Trump and GOP fail.

Here is the video, released from Trump Tower, thus without media questions.

Awaiting more tapes with Trump behaving like Trump.

How many more apologies will there be?


Anonymous said...

Will be fun to hear tRump at the next debate try to shame Hillary for Bil's adultry and rape! Hillary is a really awful candidate, however, so don't kid yourself. This ain't over.

And to think, if the Democrats actually stood for something, we could have had Bernie Sanders, but they colluded to prevent that from happening. He would have won the White House. No wonder people will stay home, this will be a low-turnout election, and the Republicans will control the House and Senate.

Impeachment will start IMMEDIATELY! This is going to make Republican obstruction under Obama look like the Kindergarten nap time.

Anonymous said...

Everyone is making too big a thing about this. So he said, "Grab her by the p---y." He misspoke and meant to say c--t. All this politically correct stuff. Gee, the fact he "tells it like it is" is why I'm votin' tRump!